Spouse Backed for Divorcing Wife Because She's Always Late

A frustrated spouse took to the Reddit forum "True Off My Chest" to discuss why they decided to file for a divorce from their wife.

"I'm divorcing my wife because she has been late for 90% of everything we have ever done together," u/Side_Salty wrote in their post, which garnered more than 18,000 votes. "Everyone we know is shocked, but I don't care."

The viral post sparked a conversation among commenters about their own relationships.

Divorce Papers
A Reddit user who shared that they filed for divorce from their wife who is constantly late received support from other Redditors. The poster said her lateness continued to get worse following marriage and having children. djedzura/iStock

According to Statista, there were about 750,000 divorces registered in 2019 in the United States.

"The divorce rate stands at 2.9 per 1,000 of the population," the piece stated.

Ann Gold Buscho Ph.D., a psychologist whose experience includes working with issues related to divorces, wrote an article for Psychology Today about some of the reasons couples get a divorce.

These include lack of compatibility, money and constant conflict.

"Couples argue about many different things and often argue about the same things over and over, without resolution," she wrote. "This may be due to power struggles, lack of equality or balance in the relationship, or lack of role clarity."

Some other factors have been known to contribute to filing for a divorce, including weight gain, issues with in-laws and an unwillingness to work on the marriage.

"If one partner feels there is a problem, then you both have a problem," Buscho wrote. "However, I often hear spouses complain that 'She refuses to go to counseling.' Or, 'We went to one session, and it didn't work.'"

In their post, u/Side_Salty wrote that they were with their wife for 12 years, but throughout their relationship, she did not make an attempt to be on time for the activities they did together.

"When we were dating, average wait times were 15 minutes to an hour for her to finally f**king show up," they wrote. "I waited because I loved her."

Redditor u/Side_Salty said her lateness continued to get worse following marriage and having children.

They noted several instances they were affected because of their wife's lateness, including arriving late for meetings when looking at preschools for their son.

However, when it came to going to a concert for an artist she was excited to see, they were early to the event.

"We were an hour early because of course we were an hour early," the post stated. "It was something that she wanted to do."

The Redditor continued that they reached their breaking point when they were waiting for their wife with their son who was getting impatient. They learned she suddenly decided to start vacuuming the house.

"I'm getting spammed with calls from mutual friends and family," they wrote. "She went and told everyone that we're getting divorced. Everyone wants to talk me out of it. I just broke after years of patience. I have no regrets."

Commenters rushed to express their support for u/Side_Salty, and some shared their own stories.

A commenter wrote that they had an ex that was also frequently late, so they lied to her about when events started.

"When we arrived to the place early or right on time, she would be livid," the commenter wrote. "It's like she wanted to waste more time."

Another Redditor shared that their friend was often late and would leave for an event around the time they were meant to meet.

Over time, they said their friend "got better" about meeting them on time.

Other Reddit users revealed that they told their friends or partners who are often late that an event starts earlier than what is scheduled.

"How do adults not know how to get ready on time?!" a comment read. "I get every once in a while but having to do that would drive me crazy."

One Reddit user who said they have ADHD admitted that they are "chronically late" but supports their husband who lies to them about timing.

"It's not like I don't care, I care a lot," they wrote. "If it's especially important I often end up running even later, and on the verge of panic and tears as I'm tearing around to get ready."

Newsweek reached out to u/Side_Salty for comment.

Other Redditors brought their relationship experiences to different forums.

A husband revealed in a post published on Reddit's "Am I The A**hole" forum that he did not do anything to help his wife after she was kicked out of his place of work.

A woman was backed for leaving her vacation with her husband when she discovered her husband invited his mother without her knowing, while another woman learned her husband had the word "divorce" listed in his "life goal notebook."