Chilling Moment Walker Fears She's Being 'Stalked' by a Cougar in Oregon

A woman has shared the chilling moment she realized she was probably being "stalked" by a cougar as she went for a picturesque walk in Oregon.

Shaexplore shared a clip to her TikTok account of the same name, as she hit the trails in Umpqua National Forest.

Her page, which regularly shares her walking adventures, took a sinister turn as she filmed a calming river by the Brice and Cedar creek trails.

"Taking a casual walk in the woods when this happened," she captioned the video, shared on Thursday.

As she captured the scenery, she says in the on-screen captions: "Just taking a video of the pretty river."

But as she pans back around, a mountain lion cub can be seen walking up a felled log over the water, in a scene numerous people compared to The Lion King.

"Baby cougar," the text said. And as the penny dropped, she filmed her horrified reaction, adding: "When I realized I was probably being stalked by the mom."

She films a large rock in her hand that she armed herself with, as she ran from the area, saying: "I gotta buy some bear spray."

Shaexplore captioned the video, which can be seen here: "When I tell you I s*** my pants." In the hashtags she wrote: "I almost died ya'll."

Since being posted, the clip has amassed more than 7 million views, as Jeanette Goldizen warned: "You really should be careful, take someone you can out run."

These cats do not chase their prey, but stealthily stalk and ambush it
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Another Shae advised: "Hey friend fun fact! Do NOT run! mama cougar was near by—and running triggers their hunting instinct walk slowly and backwards if possible."

Honk_Beep claimed: "If you can see baby but not mom, that means mom can see you v clearly."

Kedie said: "Please do not go into the woods without... literally any protection."

Saintkarlsbad commented: "Picking up a rock was a good choice! Don't run tho lol. I'm glad you didn't end up seeing the mama cause they are scary AF."

While Mush brain pointed out: "Wait you can actually hear a cougar scream but its muffled by the sound of the river."

To which Shaexplore replied: "YES. That's why I notice it was there!!!"

Oregon has a population of around 6,000 mountain lions, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Females can weigh up to 100 pounds, according website Oregon Wild, with cubs staying with their moms up until they're around 18 to 24-months-old.

The site claimed the big cats are "powerful predators," adding: "These cats do not chase their prey, but stealthily stalk and ambush it, commonly leaping onto their prey's back and lethally biting it in the neck."

Newsweek reached out to Shaexplore for comment.

While cougar attacks on humans are rare, it's not unheard of and there have been a number of fatal incidents over the years.

In 2018, cyclist S.J. Brooks, 32, was killed by a mountain lion as they and a friend rode through North Bend, near Seattle, according to Seattle Times.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife advised anyone who comes face to face with the carnivore to stay calm and stand your ground, and they reiterated they don't advise running.

"If in the very unusual event that a cougar attacks you, fight back with rocks, sticks, bear or pepper spray, tools or any items available," they said.

File photo of walker and cougar.
File photo of walker and cougar. A woman has shared the chilling moment she suspected she was being stalked by a mountain lion. Straitel / slowmotiongli/Getty Images