Stephen Colbert Celebrates 'Impeachment Eve' With Trump-Inspired Christmas Tree

On Tuesday's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert it was beginning to look a lot like impeachment as comedian Stephen Colbert celebrated what he dubbed "Impeachment Eve," the night before formal impeachment hearings into President Donald Trump are due to begin.

"Tomorrow is the first day of televised impeachment hearings," said Colbert. "I'm so excited I won't be able to sleep ... so, like every other night of the Trump presidency."

Colbert then announced that he's "already decorated my impeachment tree," bringing out a Christmas tree inspired by the impeachment process, complete with a snowflake emblazoned with the words "quid pro"—"the quid pro snow," joked Colbert.

"It's got all the traditional ornaments," said Colbert, introducing the star on top fashioned out of transcripts of Trump's "perfect" call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy in July that precipitated the House of Representatives' inquiry into whether Trump attempted to coerce a foreign government to interfere in a U.S. election. Trump is accused of pressuring Zelenskiy to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden—who is expected to run against him in the 2020 presidential election—and his son Hunter Biden.

Also adorning the tree were images of other presidents that Colbert said were impeached, including Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon, though the latter was never actually impeached for his role in the Watergate scandal. Nixon resigned before he could be impeached.

Colbert's favorite ornament on the tree? Gold testicles representing "Lindsey Graham's balls ... he's not using them these days," quipped Colbert. Republican senator Graham has staunchly defended Trump in the impeachment process, launching a resolution to condemn the inquiry and saying it was "un-American."

On Tuesday, Trump continued to deny any wrongdoing in his phone call with Zelenskiy. He tweeted: "Why is such a focus put on 2nd and 3rd hand witnesses, many of whom are Never Trumpers, or whose lawyers are Never Trumpers, when all you have to do is read the phone call (transcript) with the Ukrainian President and see first hand?"

Trump continued: "He and others also stated that there was 'no pressure' put on him to investigate Sleepy Joe Biden even though, as President, I have an 'obligation' to look into corruption, and Biden's actions, on tape, about firing the prosecutor, and his son's taking millions of dollars, with no knowledge or talent, from a Ukrainian energy company, and more millions taken from China, and now reports of other companies and countries also giving him big money, are certainly looking very corrupt (to put it mildly!) to me. Both Bidens should be forced to testify in this No Due Process Scam!"

On Monday, Trump also tweeted that he would release a transcript of his first phone call with Zelenskiy this week to further prove his innocence.

In order to continue being the most Transparent President in history, I will be releasing sometime this week the Transcript of the first, and therefore most important, phone call I had with the President of Ukraine. I am sure you will find it tantalizing!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 11, 2019