Steven van Zandt Says America Is On the 'Brink of A New Civil War'

Rock icon Steven van Zandt thinks the U.S. is "dangerously" close to civil war.

In his new memoir, the musician and actor of The Sopranos fame opened up about his political views and where he thinks the future of American politics will lead.

In "Crushes and Rejections," the 70-year-old writes: "One of the greatest challenges of the next few years is to admit that the white supremacists, the militiamen, and the psychopaths of QAnon, have infiltrated all layers of our forces of order and all branches of our armed forces."

Van Zandt, who is well known for playing Silvio Dante in the beloved HBO drama, elaborated on this point in an interview with the Spanish newspaper, La Vanguardia, earlier this month.

"My country is currently a disaster, it is experiencing the most dangerous situation within it since our civil war, that is, for 160 years. And we are getting dangerously close to another civil war, we are on the brink," he said. "It's a very frustrating situation right now, and next year's elections if we don't do something, can lead to an even worse outlook."

The E Street Band member admitted that he prefers a Joe Biden presidency, and called the previous administration "satanic."

"It [the Biden administration] is better than what we had before, which was a satanic situation, but it is not good enough. Biden is a nice guy, but what we need right now is a warrior for us to fight in this war. We need someone to unite everyone because the bad guys are not going to let us unite.

Steve Van Zandt
Steve Van Zandt attends the book presentation for his "Memoir" by Steve Van Zandt aka Little Steven on October 10, 2021 in Milan, Italy. Francesco Prandoni/Getty Images

"Right now we have a very weak government, which is letting the situation deteriorate every day in an alarming way."

The actor went on to condemn former president Donald Trump, without specifically naming him, for "turning the country upside down."

"If you had told me some time ago that a single guy has been able to lead the United States to the situation we are experiencing now, I would never have believed you," he said.

"A single f***** guy has turned the country upside down, society is divided and at odds. And that guy is threatening to come back, and the millions of Republicans who voted for him are more than happy."

Meanwhile, van Zandt told The Independent that the Republican Party "no longer believe in democracy, equality, science, and are quite brazenly bragging about being white supremacists."