Stormy Daniels's Lawyer: 'We Are Very Close' to Identifying Man Who Allegedly Threatened Porn Star to 'Leave Trump Alone'

The lawyer for Stormy Daniels said Monday that "we are very close" to identifying the man who allegedly threatened his client to "leave Trump alone" in a parking lot in Las Vegas. Michael Avenatti added that his legal team would be releasing a composite sketch of the man who Daniels claimed cornered her while she was with her infant daughter in 2011, as she was poised to reveal details of her alleged affair with future president Donald Trump.

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"We're going to be releasing that tomorrow, along with a significant reward, asking that the public come forward, we are very close to identifying this individual," Avenatti told CNN of the sketch he said was compiled with the help of Lois Gibson, who he described as "the foremost forensic artist in the world."

Avenatti added: "We need some assistance from the public. We're going to offer a significant reward to get us over the goal line and I'm confident that we're going to get there."

At the time of the alleged incident, Daniels, real name Stephanie Clifford, had just given an interview to In Touch Weekly, detailing the relationship with Trump she alleged took place in 2006. While Avenatti wouldn't say whether the sketch pointed in the direction of a clear suspect, he claimed that it was clear on whose direction he was acting.

"It could have only come from one of three places: My client, meaning she threatened herself, which makes no sense, In Touch magazine, which makes no sense because why would they threaten my client related to the publication of an interview in their own magazine, or someone associated with Trump or the Trump Organization," he said. "We think it's pretty clear where it came from."

The White House has continued to deny claims that the president had an affair with Daniels and Trump has filed a lawsuit against her claiming that she violated a non-disclosure agreement signed prior to the 2016 election. Avenatti, meanwhile, has filed his own claim on behalf of Daniels alleging that the agreement should be considered invalid because it was not signed by Trump.