Stray Cat Shows Off Kittens, Melts Hearts in Video: 'This Is so Precious'

A mother cat is garnering a lot of attention for showing off her kittens to a person she trusts in a viral video that's capturing the hearts of viewers.

The video, shared on Reddit in the subreddit "Cats," titled, "The stray cat we've been feeding has something to show us," has been upvoted 18,600 times so far since it was posted on March 8.

The minute-and-a-half video, shared by u/riceisessential, started with the mother cat walking in front of the Redditor and meowing.

The cat looked back at the person filming while they are outside, walking along with them toward her kittens, crying on occasion, and even stopping for a quick lick.

She looked back and up at the human a number of times as they took the short walk over to a few kittens in a corner with a small covering for shelter.

The mother cat stopped nearby, eventually going over to her babies and lying down with them as they cried under the makeshift shelter. She groomed one of the kittens as some nursed before the video cut off.

According to PetPedia, there are more than 400 million cats in the world. In the United States, 42.7 million homes own at least one furry feline. Around 73 million cats in the country are feral or unowned as well, and around 10 percent of people in the country feed cats in their communities.

Cat nursing kittens
A stray cat showed off her kittens, melting hearts in a viral video. Here, a cat nursing her kittens. BOZHDB/GETTY

In a comment, the original poster (OP) revealed they "love cats very much," however, the Redditor said they can't keep the cat and her kittens at their place, adding, "If I could, I would've adopted them by the time I first encountered her when she was still pregnant. But, I do have some people I trust in mind who would be able to take better care of her and her babies. I'll try to ask them and see how it'll go from there."

On the advice of others, the Redditor revealed they put the cat and her babies in a box with some old shirts they had, relocating the family to their shed close to the OP's place. "No one goes there much, and that is the best that I can provide her for now until she finds her new home," they added.

Over 400 comments came rolling in over the mother cat and her babies. Some Redditors mentioned the way the cat took the OP to her kittens.

"Cute how she showed you," a Redditor wrote. "Love and trust. Maybe you can build them a shelter or something."

Many people seemed to appreciate the viral moment. "Omg this is precious!" a viewer added. "I hope you can get some help rescuing mama and her babies."

The advice was everywhere for what the OP should do for the mother cat and the nursing kittens. "Mama trusts you," a Redditor said. "If you can, purchase kitten food for her, that will give the babies the nutrition they need [while she's still nursing them]."

Many people advised building a shelter for the felines. "Aw," a Redditor expressed. "If you can't rescue [but please consider], please put a box or plastic bin with blankets or towels in that spot, poor things on bare rocks...And food and water for good mama cat at least once daily."

Other people had comments like, "This is beautiful. She's so proud." While another person simply stated, "This is so precious."

One Redditor thought that it "is so wholesome that the cat showed you her kittens. it means that you can be trustworthy enough to look after her kittens."

Newsweek reached out to u/riceisessential for comment.