Student Ends Up With 400 Cans of Pepsi Max After Entering Contest as a 'Joke'

Most of us dream of winning the lottery, or an all-expenses-paid vacation, but the reality is the odds are stacked against us.

One woman may wish she wasn't a winner, after entering a contest and ending up with hundreds of cans of Pepsi Max.

Ellie Sarah Thomas, from the U.K., shared a clip to her TikTok account, @elliethomas544, revealing boxes and boxes of soda dotted around her college accommodation.

Thomas, who's believed to attend the University of Birmingham, said: "When you entered a competition to win 400 Pepsi Max cans as a joke but actually won."

The soda forms a towering pile against the wall, while she films a pallet of the beverage outside her house. She forms a pile against her wardrobe, where there's also some stashed on top of it.

"How on earth have I won this. As if I entered a competition to win 400 Pepsi Max cans for free and I won and someone's just delivered them," the text on-screen says.

The 19-year-old captioned the clip, which can be seen here: "Uni room is full of Pepsi Max help."

With the average can containing 11 fluid ounces, it means Thomas now has 29 gallons liters of the fizzy beverage—enough to fill a bathtub.

Walmart sells a 36-pack of classic Pepsi, in the same size, for $33.49, meaning Thomas has more than $368.39 worth of stock in her bedroom.

Since being shared last week her hilarious situation has amassed more than 1.5 million views, as people were in stitches over her prize.

Billy Wilson joked: "2 cans before bed, 1 can when you wake up, 4 cans at work, 2 cans when you get home from work, 1 can with dinner. That's only a 40 day supply."

Thegrassinstgreener joked: "At least you never have to buy mixer again."

"Oh my god that's at least two weeks' worth," User wrote.

Soggy Burrito commented: "I wouldn't share a single can."

Taking a different approach, CJ1M1K admitted: "I would have thrown a party."

Nath Parker suggested: "Vending machine needed."

George Harwood asked: "Imagine if you didn't like Pepsi."

While Simlover00 added: "Now you got a small business selling them."

Daisy thought: "We could finish that in a week."

"Everyone in the family getting a crate of Pepsi for Christmas, " Laan quipped.

Some suggested she donate the surplus to a homeless shelter, to which Thomas replied: "Yeah that's a good idea."

Newsweek reached out to Thomas for comment.

Stock photo of Pepsi cans.
Stock photo of Pepsi cans. A woman won 400 cans of soda after entering a competition as a joke. Denise Truscello/Getty Images