Students Show Off Bizarre Accommodation With a Belfry and a Pigeon Called Steve

A group of students have given an online tour of their bizarre accommodation, which has a belfry, a dungeon, creepy locked cupboards and even a pigeon named Steve.

College students are known for living in some questionable properties, and this group joined the popular TikTok trend for tenants showing off the weird and wonderful features of their homes.

The students, based in the city of Nottingham, in England, may win the challenge of living in the most unusual property.

Riana Lacaille, who uploaded the clip of the end-of-terrace home to her TikTok page, @thenamesriana, on Wednesday, said all the bizarre and unusual features just "make sense."

The video, which can be seen here, initially shoots the outside of the house. It shows an imposing building, which looks to be at least three storeys.

Going inside, and filming the hallway, the narration says: "The Hogwarts staircase with a deteriorating ceiling." The beautiful wooden staircase looks like it's seen better days, as does the ceiling, which has patchy red paint from where it has flaked off.

Still in the entranceway, Lacaille films gorgeous tiles on the floor, but as she pans up water can be seen dripping from the light fixtures. "Floods that could drown the Titanic," she states.

While the house appears to be multiple levels from the outside, as Lacaille films she reveals its true size. As she goes up some more stairs she says: "The death trap attic with random chairs."

Lacaille films a sparse room filled with three chairs—which incredibly has steps going up to yet another level.

But the house doesn't just extend upwards, as it also has numerous lower sections. Lacaille now heads downstairs, as she captures an outdoor area, which she describes as: "The random basement with a broken pool table."

Again there are yet more storeys, as she seems to head further into the bowels of the house, as she films a series of empty brick rooms, saying: "A dungeon with a prison bed."

Two of the rooms are unfurnished, while the third, as Lacaille notes, has a very uncomfortable-looking bed.

Next she hits the kitchen and bathroom, saying: "Creepy cupboards that don't open. Wasps that magically appear and instantly die."

But she may have saved the strangest thing for last, as she climbs stairs to yet another section of the house, saying: "A pigeon named Steve which guards the bell tower."

The bird is standing on yet another chair, this one a desk variety with wheels. From the exterior of the house shown at the beginning, it's thought that Steve lives at the very top portion of the house, which is raised above the roof.

Commenting on the video, viewed nearly 100,000 times, Slimboyfat said: "That basement looks like a perfect place to have a rave."

Anyaphoebe commented: "It's a beautiful house just needs some TLC, but also haunted vibes at the same time?"

Alex Moran said: "If this isn't terrifying."

Lucinda Dobison wrote: "Naah I lost it at Steve the pigeon."

Isabella thought: "I'm getting ex-funeral home vibes."

In the comments Lacaille did confirm: "It's been done up again recently!"

Newsweek reached out to Lacaille for comment.

File photo of a pigeon.
File photo of a pigeon. Students have given a tour of their accommodation, including the pigeon which lives in the belfry. Christian Sturzenegger/Getty Images