Man Discovers Mysterious Secret Window Leading to 'Third Room' He Never Noticed for Years

A man claims to have discovered a secret "third room" in the house, in which he's lived for four years.

The homeowner was standing in his backyard looking up at the house, when he noticed a small window on the second floor.

The man, who calls himself The Majeed's online and describes himself as a "family of three," was baffled as there are only two rooms upstairs.

He shared a clip to TikTok at the end of June, which he captioned: "The scare I got when I discovered this third room."

Majeed filmed the façade of the property, in an unknown location, as the on-screen captions said: "I've lived here for four years and I've never noticed this room? This middle room! Only two rooms up here, where's the middle room? Something's fishy. Time to investigate."

He films the second floor of the house from the inside, revealing a bedroom and a bathroom, with the windows matching the layout outside. But he points out the third window—as seen from the outside—is nowhere to be seen indoors.

Majeed climbs out of the bedroom window and onto the roof as he attempts to get a closer look at the window, and possibly to see if there is anything inside. But the window has frosted glass, and doesn't open, though he does knock just to be sure.

He also films an air vent above it, which Majeed pulls debris out of.

After followers demanded answers, he shared a follow-up clip a few days later as he sought to uncover the truth behind the mysterious third window.

He stands in front the bathroom mirror, where the window looks like it should be, as the on-screen caption says: "There has to be something here." And in a third video, he even climbs into the attic trying to discover more about the window.

The original clip amassed more than 2 million views, as people shared their theories about where the window could lead.

Kelly Wicca joked: "That's is your neighbour's ensuite bathroom."

Sarah Louise commented: "Ever seen the movie within? Google it because that's what's up with this."

"Smash the window to find out?" Harley suggested.

Random Thoughts moaned: "I want a secret room."

And providing a plausible explanation, Rainbow Sunshine Forever reckoned: "It's the bathroom window and they covered it up when they remodeled the bathroom, that's what I think."

Similarly, Lisa thought: "Obviously it was a separate toilet, renovated to one bathroom, false walls but didn't take out the small window. Simples."

Newsweek reached out to Majeed for comment.

File photo of a basement window.
File photo of a basement window. A man has just discovered a mysterious window, which he says leads to a third room. Melissa Kopka/Getty Images