'So Deep': Students Reveal What They Wish Adults 'Understood' About Them

A middle school teacher's quest to know what students wish adults "understood" about them has sparked interest in the eye-opening responses she received.

The TikTok recounting the situation, captioned, "Sorry kids... There's never actually food in the house as an adult too #teachersoftiktok #middleschool #iaskedmystudents," has been viewed 1.8 million times and liked 308,100 times since it was shared on April 13.

According to a 2021 survey conducted by the EducationWeek Research Center, 44 percent of middle and high school students revealed their levels of anxiety had actually increased since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, 43 percent had a "higher level of loneliness." Around 37 percent admitted feeling less comfortable with physical contact (hugs from people their age) as well.

In the 50-second clip posted by TikToker @mrskellyart, the teacher, who has posted about her questions posed to students before, shared her latest question.

"I asked my students, 'What do you wish adults understood about middle schoolers?'" the screen read in text overlay and was said out loud as the young teacher smiled at the camera and pointed above where the text was.

The song As It Was by Harry Styles played as the teacher revealed answers to the question from her students on sticky notes.

middle school teacher tiktok question
A middle school teacher asked her students what they wish adults understood about them, and the answers went viral. @MrsKellyArt

The first note was placed on a desk that called adults out with the comment, "You're even more addicted to your phone than we are."

The next response was short and sweet, with the respondent wishing adults understood "our humor."

The next comment, which was written on a blue sticky note, involved grades. "C is a passing grade," the student wrote.

In addition, a middle schooler mentioned things aren't always phases in life. "It's not just a phase, goth, emo," the note read with a few drawings, including a sad face.

On a blue sticky note, a student spoke about the popular app, Snapchat. "That we are not always talking to boys on Snapchat," the note read with cursive writing sprinkled in.

While another student brought up video games, which are popular with kids. "You can't pause an online game," the middle schooler wrote on a pink note.

Some students had more to say when it comes to growing up. "Just because we are emotional, doesn't mean we are dramatic," the student explained in their note. "We are growing people."

Another middle schooler's answer prompted some people to be concerned for them. "That there's never actually food at home," the note read with a sad face.

The creator of the TikTok pinned a comment about the note in particular, saying the student had commented for clarification, and the teacher shared their response: "Me and my friend did that one, and we both have more than enough food. We were just joking 'cause like we would prefer McDonald's, Lol."

The teacher also added: "My job is to make sure my students are safe, and I would never post something as a joke. Thank you for all the loving concerned comments."

One comment with pictures of what appeared to be birds reminded people that all ages can sometimes experience the same emotions. "That we can be stressed," the note said. "Even if we don't have to pay bills or go to work, we can still be stressed out."

The final note had a humorous tone written on a yellow sticky note. "Gurl [sic], I don't even understand middle schoolers—and I am one," it read as the camera zoomed in on it and cut off.

Over 3,000 comments came in over the viral post with the thoughts of middle schoolers front and center, and people really seemed to appreciate the post and the statements made by the students.

Some people honed in on specific notes in particular. "'Just because we are emotional doesn't mean we are dramatic,'" the viewer recalled. "I love this. I'm 31 and still remember my feelings being belittled at that age."

Others agreed with the middle schooler who mentioned C's being passing grades. "Not all students are [A] students and more people need to realize this," a viewer said.

While one TikToker had advice for the teacher on what to do with all the responses. "You should put them all into a sheet (not in the kids' handwriting) and send home in a parent email," they suggested.

Another viewer sympathized with the kids, stating that "being a teen is tough." They also added, "At this age, kids have the same emotions as an adult, but not the capacity to process/handle them yet!"

Bright school classroom
Students recently revealed what they wished adults "understood" about them in a TikTok video. Here, a school classroom with desks placed in rows. MAROKE/GETTY

Other responses included things like, "I don't see any lies," "Wise beyond their years, every single one," and, "I love this! You seem to really love your students."

The TikTok prompted questions from some viewers. "Why are they so deep though?" a viewer wanted to know.

However, not everyone thought the comments were humorous.

"Some of these are sad," a TikToker pointed out. "Sometimes I feel like we hold children to higher standards than we hold ourselves."

Newsweek reached out to TikToker @mrskellyart for comment.

But this isn't the only viral video surrounding students.

Another middle school teacher asked his students what was something their parents do that makes them cringe.

And in another post, a teenager got his twin sister expelled from school.

And a teacher read a note she received from a high school student in a TikTok video, which went viral.

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