Subway Commuters Come Together to Tell an Anti-masker to "Shut Up"

As mask-wearing continues to be a normal part of daily life well over a year after the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, much of society has adjusted to the practice.

However, there remains a large outlier of people who fight back against wearing a mask for a variety of reasons. Hundreds of videos have surfaced of anti-maskers making scenes in restaurants, grocery stores, businesses and, in this case, on public transport as they refuse to adhere to private, local or federal rules.

In a recent video from Sunday, a woman without a mask was caught creating a nuisance on Long Island Rail Road (LIRR). The 32-second long clip was tweeted by handle @Tim_Tweeted who captioned the video "Anti-masker on LIRR gets a unison 'SHUT UP' shouted at her."

In the video, the anti-mask woman can be seen standing in the aisle of the train, repeatedly screaming "I don't feel well. I don't feel well" at others in the train car.

A flurry of annoyed responses arise from the crowd of commuters, with one yelling for her to "shut up," as another insists they "take her off" the train.

As the maskless woman continues to scream "I don't feel well," it appears the rest of the passengers have collectively had enough of her tirade, as they all scream in almost perfect unison a series of "shut up!" and "get off!"

"Put your f****** mask on," an unseen woman shouts.

"A**hole," says one man who has risen from his seat.

But she doesn't budge.

"I have to get off the train," she screams back at the crowd.

The man who is already standing, dressed in a black puffer jacket, begins waving both of his hands above his head, encouraging her to do just that.

"Yeah, yeah, go....get off," a co-passenger says. "Hey, jump bitch," someone else can be heard chiming in.

After a moment of pause between the two parties, it appears the woman might finally have gotten the message. But she soon proves that is not the case.

"I don't feel well," she starts up again, again screaming loud enough for the entire car to hear.

"Oh....who cares, no one cares about your feelings," a man retorts.

The woman appears to take extra issue with this comment, as her screaming escalates to a higher pitch and she appears to begin making her way down the aisle to confront the man. "...and I have to meet my fiance," she begins saying as the recording cuts off.

Anti-masker on LIRR gets a unison “SHUT UP” shouted at her

— Marjorie Gaylor Queen (@Tim_Tweeted) May 3, 2021

The video has seen been reposted on multiple platforms and has garnered thousands of views.

"She sounds like a child throwing a tantrum. Good for the fellow passengers so that the burden isn't solely on the employees," one Twitter user wrote.

Another commented, "Yeah if she doesn't feel well, all the more reason to wear a damn mask."

The State of New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Spokesman Aaron Donovan told Newsweek via email, "If you see a customer refusing to wear a mask, please don't take matters into your own hands. Tell a conductor or MTA Police officer in person or through the LIRR Train Time app chat so we can address it in a professional, courteous manner.

All customers are required to wear a mask while riding the train. We provide free masks to anyone who needs one, and there is a $50 fine for those who fail to comply."

This is far from the first time someone refusing to wear a mask has caused problems for other patrons on public or private transport. In another anti-masker incident last year, a woman refusing to wear her mask on a flight almost led to the deplaning of the entire aircraft.

Antimasker gets a "shut up"
A President Donald Trump supporter holds up an anti-mask sign on January 5, 2021 in Washington, DC. Robert Nickelsberg/GETTY