'Super Mario Odyssey' Datamine Finds More Costumes

There are more unused costumes hidden within the code of Super Mario Odyssey, and thanks to a new video, fans of the critically acclaimed Nintendo Switch game can see them in action.

YouTuber Mizumi rooted the game and sifted through its files, finding five unreleased costumes in Super Mario Odyssey. One of the costumes even turns our favorite plumber into a zombie and Cappy into an axe, wedged into Mario's skull. Take a look at the zombie and more costumes found in Super Mario Odyssey's coding.

Back in March, when the Luigi's Balloon update rolled out, data mining found the Broodal costumes but this latest round of data mining found not only the costumes for Rango, Harlet and Spewart discovered but these five new outfits as well.

Here are all the unused Super Mario Odyssey costumes we know about so far, and their descriptions.

  • Racing Helmet: A helmet that'll get you pumped up for drafting and hairpin turns.
  • Racing Outfit: You will enjoy driving more if you're wearing this outfit, guaranteed.
  • Conductor Wig: A wig that reminds one of the greatest (and baldest?) conductors.
  • Conductor Outfit: An outfit designed for the tiny part of all of us that wants to wave a stick at musicians.
  • Zombie Headwear: A masterwork of practical effects.
  • Zombie Outfit: When an outfit crosses the line between "distressed" and "undead."
  • Santa Hat: Another red hat beloved by children.
  • Santa Outfit: The only thing this outfit is missing is a big bag of power-up items for the kids.
  • 8-Bit Mario Cap: A hat that takes you back to where it all began.

The Topper costume was made available in-game in April, and can be unlocked after beating the game. When or if the other costumes will be made available in Super Mario Odyssey is unclear, but with E3 2018 around the corner, Nintendo could announce a future update with these outfits during its presentation.

The Nintendo E3 2018 presentation will be streamed online on June 12 at 12 p.m. EDT.

What do you think of the uncovered costumes in Super Mario Odyssey? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.