'Smash Ultimate' Online: How to Fight Friends

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is out now, and many players will be hunkered down on their couches challenging friends in local multiplayer, sometimes you'll want to test your skills against others around the world.

While past Smash Bros. games had online fights, Smash Ultimate is the true test of Nintendo's online capabilities, especially with the recent rollout of the Nintendo Switch Online service. And while the first weekend of online play was less than ideal, players will still want to try their hands at online fighting.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate makes it simple to navigate menus and connect to an online match, but if you're still having trouble getting started, here's everything you need to know.

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First, Smash Ultimate players need to have a subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service. You can sign up and pay for the subscription on a variety of tiers, from monthly to annually.

After activating your Nintendo Switch Online service, here's a step-by-step instructions to set up online matches in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:

  • Select "Online" from the main menu
  • Your Switch will automatically connect to the Internet. (We recommend having a strong wifi connection or having your Nintendo Switch console connected to your router via an official adaptor)
  • Select "Smash" to battle players around the world, or select "Spectate" to watch other battles without participating
  • Choose the type of battle you want:
    • "Quickplay" to jump into a battle
    • "Battle Arenas" to join an arena with custom rules
  • Choose "Solo" to go into battle alone or "Co-op" to go into battle as a team with a friend.
    • Choose the controller type for each player. Each player can choose between a single Joy-Con, a pair of Joy-Con controllers, a Pro Controller, or GameCube controller (GameCube controller adapter required).
      • For players using a single Joy-Con, hold the controller horizontally and press the SL and SR buttons on top.
      • For players using both Joy-Con controllers, hold them vertically and press the L and R buttons on top.
      • For players using the Pro Controller, press the L and R shoulder buttons.
      • For players using the GameCube Controller, press the L and R shoulder buttons.
  • Select your fighter then select "Ready to Fight"
  • The Nintendo Switch will automatically search for a match.

Smash Ultimate 's online matchmaking searches for an opponent closest to you before reaching further out, to ensure the connection is as strong as possible.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now for Nintendo Switch.

Have you tried online play in Smash Ultimate? What do you think of the game overall? Let us know in the comments section below.