'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' World of Light: A Sprawling, Addictive Experience

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will bring all the fun, chaotic fighting fans of the franchise know and love but the new Spirits Mode has already gotten a lot of people talking.

Not only will fans be able to fight and collect power ups called Spirits, there will be an Adventure Mode called World of Light that sees Kirby trying to save the rest of the Smash roster from a mysterious new villain.

Newsweek had a chance to play various modes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate , including the Spirits Adventure Mode. Here's what we learned.

smash ultimate adventure mode world of light
The new adventure mode for 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' is called World of Light. Nintendo


After the opening cutscenes, players will be transported to the Spirits map. The map size is much larger than you'd expect.

Of course, the contents of the map are shrouded in clouds, but as you make your way through each stage it'll open up. Branching routes will give players more choices. The first branch in the Adventures mode determined which character you'd try to save first. Defeat the evil Smash imposter to unlock that fighter and add them to your roster.

Afterwards, that route will open up. You won't be able to go back to that original branch spot until you complete everything in your route, though. Each route contains branches of its own:

some will be easily accessible, and others won't be open unless you have a particular Spirit.

In our playthrough, we ended up on an F-Zero area and one branch was locked. To unlock it, we needed a Spirit from that series. Fortunately, we had one handy, but if you didn't you could just go the unlocked route or try and collect the spirit by other means. With so many Spirits in the game, this can lead to some rather addicting or grindy bits, which from the brief time we had didn't feel too bad.


Fighting in Spirits Adventure Mode is similar to Smash 's Classic/Arcade mode, in that you'll face a character from the roster but with a twist. Most of the time, the character will have some interesting perk, whether there are multiple versions of them or they're metal or larger than usual.

However, the Spirits feature and how they are equipped plays an even bigger role. Each main Spirit falls into one of three categories: Attack, Defense and Grab. Each is strong or weak against another. For instance, when you have an opponent with an Attack Spirit equipped, you'll want to choose a Defense Spirit because the difference is power is noticeable.

I made the mistake of not changing my Spirit before a match and it was weak against my opponent's. Despite my best efforts, my attacks did noticeably less damage and their damage was noticeably more. Immediately after, when I equipped a Spirit that was strong against my opponent's, the opposite was true.

While your skill in battle will win out despite your Spirit most of the time (especially in the really early game), ignoring your Spirit loadout can lead to defeat.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is set to release Dec. 7 for Nintendo Switch.

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