'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Spirits Mode: Everything We Know

The long-rumored Spirits mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was finally revealed in the last Nintendo Direct before the game's release. Widely thought to be the single-player story mode (that distinction goes to the World of Light adventure mode ), Spirits is an RPG-like game mode that allows players to customize their fighters with special abilities.

There was a lot revealed about the Spirits mode during the Nintendo Direct. Here's everything you need to know about the new game mode.

smash ultimate spirits tom nook
Spirits in 'Super Smash Bros Ultimate' allow characters like Tom Nook to shine Nintendo


In Smash Ultimate, characters are transformed into "spirits" that can serve as a power-up for the player's main fighter. There is a large variety of spirits to obtain that span the history of video games.

Your main fighter can equip two spirits to go into battle with, the primary and support spirit. Primary spirits increase a fighter's stats, like attack and defense, while the support spirit offers skills like autoheal. A few examples of the spirits you can obtain include Chibi-Robo, Dr. Wily, Tails, Revolver Ocelot and many more.

smash ultimate spirit primary support
There are primary and support spirits you can use. Nintendo


The main way to acquire spirits is to win Spirit Battles. An in-game notice board will feature the various spirits you can win, select the battle you want to challenge a character related to the spirit.

Some examples of Spirit Battles include Iggy fighting with a group of miniature red Bowsers by his side. Another is a fight with King Dedede as Gordos appear out of nowhere to hurt you. After winning a Spirit Battle, players will have to complete a roulette challenge to acquire that spirit. Use the laser gun to hit the spirit that has a shield around it; time it right and you'll be able to acquire the spirit. However, if you hit the shield, the next time you win that Spirit Battle, the barrier will be smaller.

It wasn't confirmed in the Nintendo Direct, but gameplay footage showed each Spirit Battle can be selected for a limited time. This likely means Smash Ultimate will have a rotation of Spirit Battles for players to choose from.

Certain Spirit Battles will also have special stage conditions, like Poison Floors that deal damage over time. Players will need to be sure to use spirits that can mitigate these conditions.


There are so many spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and players will need to understand how they work before going into battle.

First off, each Primary spirit can fall under one of three categories: Attack, Grab or Defense. Similar to rock, paper, scissors, Attack spirits have an advantage over Grab, Grab over Defense and Defense has an advantage over Attack.

Primary Spirits can be leveled up by using them in battle or by feeding them snacks earned after battles. When certain Primary Spirits reach their max level, they can evolve into an enhanced form.


Certain facilities allows players to do more activities with their spirits. One is the Gym and Dojo, which can help spirits gain experience without food or battle.

Players can also send spirits to search for treasure. These activities can be done even when the game is off.

You can release spirits and collect their cores to summon new spirits. Spirits can even level up your amiibo Figure Players by bidding the spirit farewell.

smash ultimate spirits amiibo
Power up your amiibo using spirits Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will release on Nintendo Switch Dec. 7.

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