'Superbad' Actor Reveals How Much Money He Gets From the Movie, 15 Years On

The actor most people will recognize as young Jonah Hill in 2007 movie Superbad has revealed exactly how much he still gets for his feature, 15 years on.

Casey Margolis played a young Seth in the film's iconic scene that depicted his obsession with drawing genitalia as a child.

"I'm the kid that drew the dicks in the movie Superbad," simply put Margolis in a video with over six million views in six days.

"This is how much I made 15 years later from the movie," he continued, showing himself opening up one of the quarterly residual checks in the mail, but not mentioning exactly how often they come.

After tax, Margolis received $255.93 in residuals for his part in Superbad this time around. "The actual gross was actually $400.62, God bless tax," he joked.

According to the actor, the biggest residual check he got for Superbad was $10,033.34, followed by $4,241.80 and $5,760.89. "This is the largest residual check I ever had," he noted.

"Overall. The film paid me, probably over time $100,000," he said.

"These are received quarterly, they vary from a couple thousand, all the way down to like 10 cents," Margolis told Newsweek. "The 10 cent checks are usually from small roles in other stuff like TV episodes I've been in."

Margolis also played parts in other films and TV including The Hangover and Ugly Betty, which he similarly showed in a TikTok video. His residuals for an episode of The Mentalist saw him receive $55.58, making it $51.32 after tax.


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"I think there's generally a weird stigma around money, which I'd love to help break. If someone asks what I made / make from films, I have no problem telling them," said Margolis.

"If someone asks how much my business makes or how much I personally make per year, I'll disclose that without the bat of an eyelash. I think it's very cool to be able to share stuff like that with folks who might be interested in getting into that profession (whatever it may be), as that might be a motivator for them."

Now, Margolis works as a digital marketer, but he certainly hasn't forgotten his Superbad roots over the years. In 2014, he took to Reddit to answer any questions fans have about his time working on the film and how it affects his life now, including the money aspect again.

"I used to be super conservative when it came to figures," he admitted. "But now that I'm hardly receiving money from the project, I see no harm in being transparent. $750/day is SAG Scale, this was shot in 10 Days. I also still collect residual checks (they used to be a lot heftier, of course). I can't give you an exact payout, because I don't have one. But it was definitely over $20k accumulatively."

On being recognised for the role, he explained that "a few years back it would happen on its own, now I kind of keep it as a bit of a secret until I actually dive into a good conversation with people—it usually works as a nice little surprise."

So what was the best part of it all for Margolis, according to his latest TikTok videos? "It was so fresh, not a lot of people were famous at that time, so it was really fun to shoot, and everybody was just really cool and nice and it was to this day one of the best sets I ever worked on."

Update 1/31/22 at 4:54 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include comments from Casey Margolis.