'Supreme' Clothing Customers Brawl Outside New York City Store

A quarrel broke out among customers outside a Supreme clothing store in New York City as they waited in line to buy the latest clothing released per the latest partnership between the brand and Burberry.

Videos circulating online showed some shoppers on March 10 having verbal and physical disputes with each other outside the Manhattan clothing boutique, Dover St. Market, that is located at 30th Street and Lexington Avenue. This comes as studies have shown how the pandemic has affected mental health around the nation. In January 2022, Safe Home reported that violent crimes have risen 12 percent since 2010.

Some people were seen in the video shouting and pushing each other as they waited to buy the expensive clothing released by the British fashion brand and the New York streetwear brand. The new clothes were being sold on a first come, first serve basis, according to the Sun.

In one instance, a man reportedly yelled, "I'm still standing right here!" And the video shows a number of men were seen brawling against the door as others in the line continued to wait.

The behavior from the customers has drawn some criticism to Supreme as videos went viral on social media. No details were revealed about the events or arguments that led up to the brawl.

"Supreme knew exactly what it was doing when they made this Burberry collaboration [first come first serve] in its stores," one individual wrote on Twitter as they posted a short clip of the fight. "No better way to make the headlines."

Burberry announced just two days before that a variety of clothing will be released in the U.S. per its partnership with Supreme. The latest releases include a $998 leather collar coat, a $598 down puffer jacket, and a $298 denim trucker jacket, among others.

A NYPD spokesperson told Newsweek on March 11 that there are no complaint reports on file concerning this incident without revealing further details.

Similar fights have been reported outside stores across the country. In July, Newsweek reported a brawl broke out between a group of girls in front of a Shake Shack in Detroit, Michigan. The group of teen girls had an argument while they were inside the fast food restaurant and later took the fight outside. No details were revealed about what triggered the fight.

In June, a man in Iowa was arrested after he allegedly threatened to blow up a McDonald's restaurant over dipping sauce. The police said that the man made the threat after he realized that his order was missing a dipping sauce to go with his chicken nuggets.

Newsweek contacted Supreme, and Burberry for comments and will update the story once a response is received.

'Supreme' Clothing Customers Brawl Outside NYC store
Some shoppers fought with each other outside a Manhattan store as they waited in line to buy the latest clothing released as part of a partnership between streetwear brand Supreme and Burberry. Above, a close-up of logo on Supreme clothing brand on a pinball machine, February 27, 2019. Photo by Morse Collection/Gado/Getty Images