Survivor!.io - Tips to Help You Stay Alive Longer

In Survior!.io, players need to work to defeat hordes of monsters and survive as long as they can. Part of doing this is ensuring that you've set your character up for success. But, that can be difficult sometimes, as you'll need to unlock skills, weapons, and other things to make your character stronger.

Luckily, there are several things you can do to make your survival in this hit iOS and Android game more likely, and below you'll find several things to test out and try to increase your chances of making it out alive.

The first tip you should always be mindful of is ensuring your best gear is equipped. When you start a run, you can always focus on equipping whatever makes sense to get you small boosts to your attack, health, and defense. There are other niche stats you can build into, but it's recommended that you focus on those main three when first getting a run going.

Survivor!.io gameplay
Players can unlock new upgrades and equipment in Survivor!.io Habby

Once you're into the run, try to focus on increasing those base three stats as much as possible. Health points will ensure you can stay alive through more hits, and attack will help you deal with enemies much quicker––before they have time to get a hit or two in. Upgrading is also extremely expensive in Survivor!.io, so try to take advantage of weapons that increase your stats before purchasing upgrades.

The next tip to keep in mind is that you should change your skills and evolutions depending on the stage you're heading into. Many times you'll come across stages filled with melee-based enemies. This means they're going to be getting up close and personal with you.

During these stages, you can utilize different items like the Forcefield Device to help keep them from getting too close. Other items like the Drone Type A can also make it easier to deal with large groups of melee enemies.

While it might be tempting to stand in one place, that's not going to make your rounds last very long in Survivor!.io. Instead, players should try to dodge and move away from large groups as they can quickly whittle down your health if they get in too close. Dealing damage to enemies from a distance will ensure that you aren't overrun, which can also help you hold onto your health and defense shields for as long as possible.

Another useful way to dodge large groups is to look for gaps between the waves. Use these gaps to your advantage, and lure enemies in close. If you have skills or powerups that can damage multiple enemies at once, you can also unleash those to help clear out some enemies as they move in to attack you.

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