Sushi Conveyor Belt Videos Spread Online in TikTok's Most Cinematic Trend Yet

The craze for capturing snapshots of people's lives by placing cameras on sushi conveyor belts is taking off online, as people dubbed it the most "cinematic" trend ever.

A New Yorker shared their "wholesome" take on the trend, as Sabina Hunsicker headed out to an eatery in the Big Apple with friends. Mid-meal she decides to pop her phone on the conveyor belt, which snakes its way around the entire restaurant.

Usually reserved for bringing sushi directly to your table, Hunsicker captured customers and staff going about their daily lives from the unique perspective, prompting people to compare the footage to a movie scene.

Hunsicker, thought to be 23, shared the heart-warming video to TikTok, which she simply captioned: "Putting my phone on the conveyor belt at a sushi destination in New York."

Numerous people smile and wave at the camera as they suddenly realize they're on film, as waiters bustle about the tables, while the camera also captures a glimpse of the chefs preparing sushi in the kitchen.

At one point the camera falls over, with one honest customer quickly propping it back up. Seemingly explaining how people knew they were being filmed, responding to a comment whether it was the back or front camera, Hunsicker replied "selfie," meaning diners were greeted by their own reflection on the conveyor belt.

The clip, uploaded on Friday, can be seen here, and has amassed more than 30 million views. Numerous people gushed over the footage, with Bella saying: "This makes me so happy it's like a scene from a movie."

Steven commented: "It's like a movie where everyone is the main character and each has a different story."

"My faith in humanity has been restored because no one stole your phone," Chad Epps thought.

Chandaroyle raved: "I love this! This idea should be used for a commercial."

Ella James noted: "Such a vibe everyone is just so happy enjoying their sushi."

GabrielConover declared: "This is the most wholesome video I've ever seen."

And one woman claimed she was one of the customers, as MarjoanofArc wrote: "I'm screaming it's my best friend and I at 39 secs."

The clip has also attracted the attention of a few brands, as the verified account for McDonald's Canada said: "You took us on a journey here and we love it."

While Fenty Beauty's verified account added: "This is my fav wholesome trend atm."

Despite the overwhelming popularity of the video, it seems Hunsicker's pal wasn't convinced in the beginning, and thought they'd end up in hot water with management.

Nathan Noodle said: "Not pictured—me grabbing your phone the first few times you tried it because I was scared we'd get in trouble."

Hunsicker uploaded a follow-up video showing Nathan's attempts to thwart her filming, as he grabs the phone three times every time it goes past him.

"Let it go, let it go, let it go," Hunsicker pleads, as Nathan says: "It's your last chance."

Last month, a woman in Los Angeles took part in the trend, with Julia Franco sharing her own mini-movie to TikTok, captioned: "Putting my phone on the sushi conveyor belt."

Similar scenes of diners waving, smiling and eating can be seen, with the footage—viewed more than 14 million times—dubbed "cinematic" by commenters.

"This felt like a short film, it's cool how everyone was enjoying their time with their family / friends and how everyone was doing it differently," Silent_Wraith said.

Billie asked: "Imagine anthropologists finding this video one day in the future. It's so wholesome."

And Chelsea commented: "What a cinematic experience honestly."


we put our phone on the sushi conveyor belt lol #fyp #foryoupage #sushi

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In May, fellow TikToker Sadia captured an adorable little girl saying "hi" to the camera, as her phone passed by on the conveyor belt, while customers and staff dance in front of the screen.

Sadia captioned her clip, viewed 3.5 million times: "We put our phone on the sushi conveyor belt lol."

Her clip even records the kitchen area at the Akarii eatery in Mansfield, Texas, as California rolls sit on counters ready to be served up.

Cash Jacobs raved: "Genius idea I love this."

"This feels like the opening credits to a TV show!" Maryn reckoned.

That same month Zero Chance filmed the inside of a restaurant in Japan using the same technique. Text on the screen reads: "POV [point of view] of a Japanese sushi conveyor bet."

Their clip amassed more than 700,000 views, as diners looked shocked after spotting the camera, waving as it goes past. While some don't notice it at all, as they're engaged in deep conversation or scrolling through their phone.

Commenting on the video, Justin Pazmino Lja said: "This is so cool. Everyone has their own life and you are watching it in this one video."

Julian added: "This is such a cute art concept."

and Jonnnathanv added: "Everyone is living their own lives, with their own unique story. Something about that is beautiful."

Newsweek reached out to Hunsicker, Franco, Sadia and Zero Chance for comment.

File photo of a sushi conveyor belt.
File photo of a sushi conveyor belt. A new trend has popped up on TikTok seeing people film from sushi conveyor belts. PongMoji/Getty Images