Woman Reveals Insane Amount of McDonald's Packaging for One Sauce Sachet

A woman has shared the insane amount of packaging she claims to have received from McDonald's for just one sauce sachet, after she made a mistake on her order.

Monikaw treated herself to a cheeky Maccas, but ended up forgetting to add the main event—a burger—to her delivery. Instead, she tragically ended up buying just one 25ml sauce packet from the restaurant, in an unknown location, via UberEats.

Monikaw shared a clip to TikTok showing herself opening up her delivery, in scenes reminiscent of pass-the-parcel. The sauce has been bundled up in one of the fast-food restaurants' large brown bags, usually reserved for large orders.

She films herself unpacking the well-protected sauce, which has been placed in no fewer than five paper bags, each one smaller than the last.

Awkward laughs can be heard in the background of the clip, uploaded on Friday, as she finally tips out her lowly sauce, which has even been packed with napkins.

Monikaw captioned the clip, viewed more than 12 million times: "I am truly sorry I thought I also ordered a burger."

The video, which can be seen here, went into more detail in the on-screen captions, as Monikaw wrote: "I accidentally ordered one single sauce on UberEats and McDonald's decided to do this."

In the comments, she added: "All I wanted was a burger and some sauce for the fries. Here we are, cancelled for hating trees."

The clip has caused a stir online, as people accused the restaurant of wasting packaging, while others felt for the workers packing up such a minimal order. However, some accused Monikaw of staging the whole thing.

Kairi commented: "This is funny but the waste of bags."

OrdinaryNebula thought: "You wasted their time so they're wasting yours."

Lena reckoned: "They mad petty."


I am truly sorry I thought I also ordered a burger #mcdonalds #ubereats

♬ Laboratory - Dville Santa

Charlie Obregon asked: "Is really no one talking about the amount of waste?"

And noticing the similarity to the childhood game, Jathonderulo / Khadija wrote: "Should have done pass the parcel."

Although Aidan D. questioned: "How do you accidentally order a single sauce."

And suspecting the video was set-up, The White Death wrote: "A quick question, how did the camera person know that the box was many mini boxes, the must [have] planned it. It's rigged."

While it's thought the paper bags are recyclable, the McDonald's website doesn't provide a breakdown of which specific items can and can't be recycled. Its website did state: "While we design our packaging to be recyclable, recycling infrastructure varies from market to market."

And information on the U.K. site went into further detail, saying: "Every piece of our paper or card packaging is verified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)."

Newsweek reached out to McDonald's and Monikaw for comment.

Woman eats a McDonald's burger.
File photo of a woman eating a McDonald's burger. A fast food fan showed off the insane amount of packaging she says she received after mistakenly ordering one sauce sachet. Cate Gillon/Getty Images

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