Video of Abandoned McDonald's From the 1980s Viewed More Than 240k Times

Footage from an urban explorer's trip to an abandoned McDonald's featuring remnants of the 1980s has amazed nostalgic viewers online.

The viral video, which has since been viewed over 240,000 times and liked by more than 34,000 viewers, was posted to TikTok on Thursday by @triangleofmass. The video creator is known for his explorations of uninhabited or abandoned spaces in the U.S.

The urban explorer told Newsweek that he found the location with the help of another content creator known as ADHD Urbex.

"He ended up giving me the location on the abandoned McDonald's that you saw in that [TikTok]," he said. "He lives around the area and then he told me about the location after he found it."

The video, set to the Paul Anka song "Put Your Head on My Shoulders," shows off the fast-food restaurant's outdated fixtures from the 1980s—pink and blue tables and chairs, old security camera and television monitors, and abandoned drink machines. Behind the counter, vintage cooking equipment sits in the dark.

The TikToker also showed closeups of the establishment's soda and hot chocolate machines, as well as several to-go containers and bags scattered around the establishment from the early 2000s.

"So when I got to the location I couldn't believe how intact everything was and the fact it's so well preserved and nothing was destroyed," @triangleofmass said. "There wasn't much mold and or dust all locked inside cause of all the boards around the McDonald's for no sunlight to get in there.

"You think there would be more mold and dust cause it's not maintained so I honestly thought it was kinda crazy and it had such a retro vibe to it," he added.

@triangleofmass noted that he wanted to keep the location of the fast-food spot, which he reported closed in 2007, a secret to avoid potential vandalism. However, a report from Snopes noted that McDonald's locations within Oregon in the mid-1980s featured the same furniture and color schemes seen in the video.

The anonymous urban explorer also posted an additional in-depth look at the restaurant on YouTube, featuring close-up looks at the exterior's chipped and peeling paint job, the molding seats inside the dining area, and the boarded-up drive-thru.

The YouTube video also takes viewers behind the counter to share other hidden relics like the condiment packet area, abandoned deep fryers and former burger stations.

"This was a very big McDonald's location, you can tell," he says during the kitchen segment.

Viewers on TikTok likened the restaurant to a time capsule from the 1980s. "I remember when the bags looked like that," one viewer reminisced. "I literally have flashbacks of old restaurants from the 90s I miss the good ol days," another reflected.

In 2018, McDonald's across the country underwent a hefty remodel known as the "Experience of the Future" redesign. The corporation reportedly spent about $6 billion on the project nationwide, which saw thousands of restaurants transition from the vintage 1980s and 1990s aesthetic to the modern and sleek look the chain boasts now.

A representative for McDonald's confirmed with Newsweek that their 14,000 locations in the United States are part of the renovation project.

"We have approximately 170 restaurants in Oregon, over 90 percent of which have completed modernization and been updated with the Experience of the Future," the representative said. "We've already brought the Experience of the Future to half of our 14,000 U.S. restaurants, which is great progress toward our goal of transforming all U.S. restaurants by 2022."

Abandoned 1980s McDonald's viral video
Footage taken inside an abandoned McDonald's with its 1980s furnishings and designs has gone viral online. Seen here is a modern McDonald's location. Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Max Carmona, McDonald's senior director of U.S. restaurant design, told BuzzFeed News in 2016 that the chain has "moved away from a cafeteria feel to a more comfortable and, in some ways, more intimate restaurant."

"A lot of the things we're doing now in terms of menu, technology, and customization, I don't think you can do that effectively in a non-modernized restaurant. Modernized restaurants are the foundation for all these great ideas and innovations," he said.

Overall, @triangleofmass told Newsweek that he had not anticipated such a viral response on the platform.

"I honestly had no idea it was going to be so viral on [TikTok]. It's so amazing that it has [though] and I appreciate everyone's support," he said.

Several in the comments joked that the McDonald's old color scheme greatly reminded them of Taco Bell. One of the top comments on the video reads, "That's Taco Bell with McDonald's machines in it lol."

"I can definitely see where they are coming from because I can remember Taco Bell's looking sorta something like that. I feel as they may have a darker purple but definitely, for back in its day I can see something like this as everything now is up to date," @triangleofmass shared.

One person even humorously remarked that though the location had been abandoned for over a decade, they believed that "their ice cream machine works."

"I found [their] ice cream machine in the back actually it had the fudge still there sitting since it closed in 2007 looked gross lol," @triangleofmass joked in the comments.

Recently, another photographer stumbled upon an abandoned house from the 19th century and reported that he even found rotting food in the refrigerator. Another TikToker shared a video in June in which he thought he found a "glitch in the Matrix" after spotting a COVID-19 sign in his local abandoned Blockbuster.

Updated on 7/14 AT 1:30 p.m. to include a statement McDonald's made to Newsweek.