'They're Brutal': Teacher Gets Roasted by 'Savage' Students in Viral Clip

A teacher shared in a now-viral video that she recently asked her students to share one thing they'd like to change about her, and some of the answers were pretty brutal.

The video was posted to TikTok over the weekend by Alex Jean (grade3withms.e), who said that the exercise "humbled [her] very quickly." The post has received more than 660,000 views and hundreds of comments from viewers who said Jean was "brave" to ask her students such a bold question.

Despite how hilariously savage some of her students' answers were, Jean's video suggested she's built strong relationships with her students, which, according to some experts, is an important part of the educational process.

"I asked my students, 'What is one thing you would change about me?' and I told them they couldn't say 'nothing,' and they delivered," read the text overlay in Jean's video.

Her students' answers ranged from criticism of Jean's physical appearance to the way she dresses. Fortunately, not all the responses were bad.

"One eyebrow is skinny and one is fat," said one student.

"You tuck all your shirts in," said another.

One student called Jean out for blinking "too much." Meanwhile, one student said they'd like to change the fact that Jean won't be their teacher next year.

"They're brutal," commented Jessica Reese.

"The eyebrow kid really came for you," said Devy.

Sarina added: "OMG THIS IS SO GOOD! Kids are the cuuuutest!!"

Though a majority of commenters loved the video, one did criticize Jean for taking a break from teaching to connect with her students.

"Is it any wonder kids are growing up full of s**t and twice as stupid having 'teachers' like this. Dear God!" wrote Robin Catton76.

However, The Education Trust has said that it's important for teachers to build strong relationships with their students.

"Strong relationships provide a foundation for student engagement, belonging, and, ultimately, learning," the organization said.

Speaking to Education Week, an independent newspaper focusing on K-12 education, first-grade teacher Valerie Ruckes agreed, saying that "building relationships with students...is probably one of the best investments we can make with our students."

One way in which teachers can build stronger relationships with students is by talking to them about topics "unrelated to coursework," high school teacher Timothy Hilton told Education Week.

"Talk to your students about their interests, sports, current events, funny (yet appropriate) stories from your personal life, or anything else you want," Hilton recommended. "These conversations help students connect with you outside of the teacher role, and on a more personal level."

As previously stated, many of Jean's commenters thought she was brave to open herself up to her students' critique.

"I'm a school principal...that is so much braver than anything I have ever done in my time in education," said Fleur'd.

"You are BRAVE! I couldn't handle the things they'd say to me," admitted one user.

Sophie K added: "Wow I would not have the courage to do this."

Jean isn't the first teacher to receive such widespread attention. In December, teacher Austin LeMay went viral for performing the Jerk, a popular dance move, in his school's courtyard. In February, high school English teacher Suzy Dean went viral after posting a video that showed her sharing the news of her "rainbow baby" with her students. And just yesterday, a college professor received online praise for holding her student's baby while lecturing.

Students laughing
A teacher shared in a now-viral video that she recently asked her students to share one thing they’d like to change about her, and some of the answers were pretty brutal. Many commenters praised the teacher for trying to connect with her students. DGLimages/istock