Teacher Schools Kids With Impressive Dance Moves in Video Viewed 18M Times

Footage of a school teacher serving up an altogether different kind of lesson to his pupils has gone viral on TikTok.

In the video, which was uploaded to the account Ms.Jenny, a group of middle school kids can be seen attempting the viral dance move commonly known as the "Jerk" or "Reject," which has gained popularity on social media in recent months.

While their efforts are impressive enough, they are soon dwarfed by those of their teacher "Mr. LeMay," who steps out from the side of the crowd before delivering his own near-perfect rendition of the dance to the tune of the 2009 New Boyz smash hit hit "You're A Jerk."

The footage can be watched here.


When Mr. Lemay out jerks the students!!! #fyp

♬ You're a Jerk - New Boyz

Decked out in a red Tenaya Braves hoodie, LeMay's slick moves are not lost on his charges, who bop along with their teacher as he happily struts his stuff in what amounts to one of the top feel-good videos of the year.

LeMay's efforts have proven just as popular on social media. At the time of writing, the video posted to TikTok has been watched over 18 million times with fans flooding the comments section on the clip.

"He waited his whole life for this moment,"_short.stuff wrote. "Love it." Kariizmagutierrez commented: "Knew he was gonna kill it just by the way he walked in." Mufasa10k said: "OG had to teach them kids how it is done" while whatthehayle wrote: "His knees regretted it but I know it was worth it."

Ireland Baldwin even got in on the act, commenting: "Millennial teachers know what it is" while TikTok star Laron Hines wrote: "Gone head Mista Lemay."

"Mr. LeMay" has been identified as Austin LeMay, a teacher at Tenaya Middle School in Fresno, California. According to the original poster, LeMay's dancing is already the stuff of school legend with dance-offs becoming a regular Friday recess activity among his pupils.

Indeed, in the wake of his newfound viral fame, LeMay has even set up his own TikTok account. While only one video has so far been posted, it features him once again strutting his stuff in the playground.

"Just to let you know I've been stuntin' these kids all year," the caption reads.

That video can be enjoyed here.

The clip, which has earned over 100,000 views already, has proven similarly inspiration with one comment from Keloni reading: "If I had a teacher like this I wouldn't miss a single day."

Newsweek has reached out to LeMay and Ms. Jenny for comment.

While LeMay's moves may be the source of some entertainment online, encouraging school children to dance during break times has well documented physical and mental health benefits.

WebMD says: "Showing yourself that you can learn and master new moves and skills through dance can improve your self-esteem and confidence."

"Dance is an effective type of exercise that raises your heart rate and works your muscles" they add. "Exercise can help with symptoms of depression and anxiety by releasing certain chemicals in your brain. It also provides a way to escape repetitive negative thoughts and worries."

LeMay's inspiring video comes hot on the heels of similar viral clips from educators showcasing everything from the many, mind-blowing ways you can spell the word "empty" to a nifty trick for ripping an apple in half with your bare hands.

A man dancing outside a building.
Stock image of a man dancing - a video of a teacher strutting his stuff to the latest TikTok dance craze has gone viral. gorodenkoff/Getty