Teacher Shares Neat Trick for Ripping Apple in Two Using His Bare Hands

An elementary school teacher has been busy giving lessons of an altogether different kind on social media after going viral with his impressive trick for how to split an apple in half using only his bare hands.

The life hack first caught the attention of fans on TikTok last month when the educator, who posts under the handle subienewbie, shared a video showcasing his fruit-based talent.

"I show this "trick" to my students every year," he explained in a caption accompanying the clip.

"It's always fun seeing their reactions and when they finally figure it out for themselves!"

According to the video, subienewbie has been able to split apples in half since he was a kid.

He says his method is all about finding "the right spot, the sweet spot" on the apple.

Sure enough, the accompanying footage shows him repeatedly breaking up pieces of the fruit using only his hands.

The clip proved a hit with fans on social media, racking up 4.4 million views in the space of a short few weeks. It can be viewed here.


I show this “trick” to my students every year. It’s always fun seeing their reactions and when they finally figure it out for themselves! #teacherlife

♬ original sound - Subie Newbie

However, some remained skeptical with at least one person, writing as goldengirl1972, claiming subienewbie must have done some "pre-cutting" to pull off the trick.

In an effort to silence the doubters, the teacher returned to TikTok to film another video breaking down how the technique works. This time around he presented viewers with a fresh Gala apple which he held up to the camera to prove there had been no pre-cutting or scoring of the fruit before the video began.

From there he proceeded to launch into that all important tutorial for anyone struggling to master the technique. "You're gonna want to make sure your palms are on the top of the apple and get your thumbs as close together as possible," he explains on the video.

"Think about your fingertips as a hinge on a door. A lot of you are trying to pull this apart with your fingertips. No, no," subienewbie added. "You're going to use your palms, that kind of meaty part...where the thumb meets the palm, to pull that to part, apart. Once you figure it out it's pretty easy."

Posted alongside a caption encouraging fans to "keep trying" as they will eventually "get it" subienewbie's tutorial proved an even bigger hit than his first apple video. At the time of writing it has been viewed more than 16.4 million times. You can watch it here.


Reply to @goldengirl1972 No precutting or scoring at all! I love seeing everyone trying this out! Keep trying, you will get it! #teacherlife

♬ original sound - Subie Newbie

Despite his best efforts though, there were some fans out there who remained convinced the trick was part of some elaborate hoax.

Still eager to dispel any notion of deception, subienewbie returned to TikTok for one more apple video after a user by the name of ekrmm077 asked: "Can you show a POV of how you split the apple?"

Only too happy to oblige, the educator-turned fruit splitting specialist posted a video showing his technique from the requested angle. That video can be enjoyed here.


Reply to @ekrmm077 POV no problem! Hope this helps. The honeycrisp was a little tricky, but worth 😋 #teacherlife

♬ original sound - Subie Newbie

The clip certainly appeared to help his fans, with several flocking to the comments section on the video to announce they had finally pulled off the trick.

Connor Cyan wrote: "I finally did it! It's real."

Erin meanwhile declared: "I just did it and I don't think I have ever screamed so hard.

OMG!" Belen Spence added: "Thank you! I was finally able to do it and even taught my sister how to do it."

Newsweek has contacted subienewbie for comment.

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A man holding an apple.
Stock image of a man holding an apple - a teacher in the U.S. has shared his brilliant trick for breaking an apple in two with his bare hands. Fil_Studio/Getty