'Lock Your Doors:' Hilarious Warning After Teacher Overhears Kids' Chat

One second grade teacher's hilarious conversation with her students over their parents' very personal lives has cracked up the internet and prompted warnings back home.

Miss Carina B, who has over 600,000 followers on TikTok, took to her account to document the funny interaction with her students, who she ate lunch with as a "reward."

Seemingly, it wasn't a good idea, however, according to the caption of the clip: "Remind me to stop having lunch with my 2nd graders as a reward."

Unknowingly, the kids led a 101 lesson on accidentally oversharing, as they made confessions about their parents' intimate time together to their teacher.

"When mom and dad sleep in the same bed and then get on top of each other, that's weird," said one child.

Miss Carina B could be seen laughing to herself as the students spilled the details of their parents' nighttime routine, unaware of exactly what they were revealing.


Remind me to stop having lunch with my 2nd graders as a reward 😂 #secondgradequotes #funnykids #momanddad

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"Every time I go to sleep, I wake up to go to the bathroom but then I go check on my mom because I don't know the time. And then every time I see her, I always see my mom on top of my dad," said another student, while a classmate agreed in the background, adding: "Me too."

The teacher's video amassed an impressive 2 million likes on TikTok after being shared in May, while it made its way over to Reddit on Monday and gained another 39,000 votes.

"Reminder to all parents to close and lock your doors during sexy time," a Reddit user captioned the post.

The video sparked a variety of reactions online, from fellow teachers to other parents.

"I lived for moments like this when I worked as a preschool teacher assistant," wrote one user. "They just spill all of their parents' tea."

"Parents who aren't in education: are you aware of the unspoken teacher rule to keep all your secrets the kids spill? Is this new information to you?" asked another.

Miss Carina B certainly isn't the only teacher to use TikTok to share the hilarious realities of working with children—and, in one case, animals, too.

Earlier this year, a video went viral after it captured the moment a group of teachers discovered a live turtle kept in the school bag of one student, who had been talking about the pet all day in school.

After hearing a mysterious sound while working, the teachers were left searching bags to find the source. When they opened the noise-producing bag, they discovered the famous pet turtle had been with him all day.

Teacher and class
Stock image of a teacher talking with her class. Getty Images