Teachers Finding 'Live' Source of Scratching in Kid's Bag Left in Hysterics

A group of teachers has cracked up the internet after sharing the discovery they made in a student's backpack.

After hearing a mystery sound while working, the teachers were left searching bags to find the source. When they opened the noise-producing bag, they didn't exactly expect to discover what they found.

According to the teachers, one student had been talking non-stop about his turtle all day, but none realized exactly how close it really was.

The moment they realized what was making the scratching noise, and immediately were left in stitches by it, has gained over 12 million views on TikTok.

"While the kids were at gym. My co-teacher and I were working silently on computers. We heard scratching sounds over and over so we had to investigate all the backpacks," wrote teacher @lifeisbetterlaughingg on the video, which can be seen here.

The pair of teachers were documented hysterically laughing as they searched the backpack, hesitantly pulling items from it and opening it section by section.


Just when I thought teaching through a pandemic couldn’t get any more hectic… this happened. #loveyourjob #teaching #kids #coworkers #laugh #scared #viral #trending #work #teacher #love #humor

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"I think it's a live turtle," claimed one teacher, causing shock between them. They peeked into the back of the backpack, before gasping and leaning back.

The camera zoomed in on the inside and captured the live turtle moving around inside a pocket, next to pencils. "That poor thing," said one of the teachers. "Why is it in there?"

Two other teachers recalled the child talking about the turtle all day, but did not realize exactly why. "He told me about this turtle today but I didn't know it was in his backpack," said one.

"He told me about it, but I didn't know it was here," added another. "He talked to me about it for like half an hour."

The teachers picked up the turtle and placed it in the safety of a plastic box, but have not yet updated viewers on how they informed the parents.

Animals in classrooms are of course a surprise, unless a classroom pet. A child sneaking one into school is far from recommended, but even classroom pets aren't always endorsed.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that classroom pets are able to harbor and spread germs to make people sick and even disease outbreaks. While PETA does not support having classroom pets after claiming they support breeders and the pet trade. The organization also says there's a risk of the pets being left alone or abandoned.

This case of an unexpected pet in the classroom, however, has tickled the internet, with viewers left in laughter at the video.

"Meanwhile mom is back at home freaking out trying to figure out what she's going to tell her kid because she can't find the turtle," joked one user.

"We had a kindergartner who brought her cat to school in her backpack last year. It was in her locker for about three or four hours," added another.

Child and packpack
Stock image of a child and backpack. Getty Images