Teen Claims 'Religious Exemption' From School's Piercing Ban After Joining Satanic Temple

One clever TikToker appears to have found an unconventional loophole in her school's no-piercing policy: joining The Satanic Temple. A video describing the plan, posted by @L1lyall3n—also known on the app as Lily—has gone viral, racking up over 356,000 views in just four days. The clip, which can be viewed here, has also been liked over 102,000 times, amassing thousands of comments.

Despite the connotations of their name, The Satanic Temple aims to "encourage benevolence and empathy" and "reject tyrannical authority," among other goals. The tax-exempt, nontheistic religious group often advocates for social justice causes: most recently, The Satanic Temple made headlines for its opposition to Texas' new anti-abortion law, which bans the procedure after about six weeks of pregnancy.

Satanic Temple
A TikToker allegedly joined The Satanic Temple in order to get around her school's piercing ban. A Baphomet statue at the Satanic Temple in Salem, Massachusetts. OSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP/Getty Images

Notably, The Satanic Temple also believes that "one's body is inviolable, subject to one's own will alone"—a principle relevant to both Texas' abortion ban and the TikToker's attempt to circumvent her school's piercing policy.

Wrote Lily in her video's on-screen captions: "When school says you can't keep your nose piercing [in] unless it's for religious purposes..."

The video cuts to a screenshot of The Satanic Temple webpage. The text reads, "Thank you for joining," suggesting that the TikToker did, in fact, go through with enrolling in the group.

Next, she highlights The Satanic Temple's list of tenants, pointing out the one emphasizing bodily autonomy.

In the comments section, viewers displayed a range of reactions—but the majority appeared to support Lily's plan.

"Modern problems require modern solutions," wrote @asparagoose.

"You can find some court cases that back this up as well!" added TikToker Poppy. "Cite them to your school if they try to get you in trouble."

Others wrote that they're tempted to try the tactic against the rules enforced by their own schools. One commenter, for example, wondered if joining would allow them to "get [their] red hair back."

Not everyone, however, agreed with Lily's plan. Wrote one viewer: "I do think it's a bit odd if people are joining just to use the benefit of pulling the 'religion card.' You should only join if your views align."

At the time of writing, it remains unclear if Lily will end up getting a religious exemption from her school, allowing her to keep her nose piercing. In the comments section, she wrote that she'll provide viewers with an update when she returns to school "on Wednesday."

Newsweek has reached out to Lily for additional comment.