Teen Only Offered Kids Meal at Wedding Despite Being 6ft Divides Internet

Fourteen is an awkward age. No longer a child but not yet a grown-up, 14-year-olds can find themselves stuck in limbo on the way to adulthood.

A wedding menu posed one such dilemma for a teenage boy, who was asked to choose from the children's meal options at a relative's wedding reception—despite being 6 feet tall and that he "eats more than your average adult."

Posting to Mumsnet's AIBU (Am I Being Unreasonable?) forum on July 24, the teen's mom asked for advice on how to handle the menu issue.

"Due to fly to a family wedding later this year," she wrote. "We have been asked for meal choices, all fine so far. However my 14 year old has been asked to [choose] from the children's menu. The child is 6 foot tall and eats more than your average adult.

"The wedding is remote and there is nowhere else to eat. We fly in late the night before and will have been travelling for hours and it's an early in the day wedding so no scope to pack food," she continued. "Due to the way the wedding packages work and alcohol being included for adults then apparently an adult meal is not an option."

Teen Offered Kids Meal at Wedding
Mumsnet users couldn't agree whether a kids meal was enough to feed a 6-foot teenage boy. A stock photo of a wedding dinner setting with a menu resting on top. iStock/Getty Images Plus/betyarlaca

A recent survey revealed that guests spend $800 on average to attend a wedding. The average amount spent on food and alcohol per wedding was $93 per person, with two-thirds of those surveyed wishing weddings were cheaper for guests.

Some users felt the woman was overreacting, with Whodoiwanttobe calling the woman "greedy."

"Come on, this is not a huge issue," agreed lookforthesun.

However, many users supported the poster, believing that 14 is too old for a children's meal.

"Of course, a teenage boy needs an adult portion!" said Grapewrath.

"My boy eats twice what I eat. The bride and groom should have catered for him imo."

While GlitterTwins commented: "My two aren't greedy and a child's meal has not been enough since they were 10 years old!"

Others offered advice for solving the awkward situation, such as keeping snacks in their suitcase or swapping meals on the day.

"Just offer to pay the extra and drink the alcohol," suggested TeapotT******.

"Order the most substantial kids meal, give them your starter, pack some snacks & let them fill up on the table bread," said Megapint.

"I would ask for an adult meal," advised Coffeeandcaketime. "I wouldn't expect people to go to my wedding, particularly abroad, and not provide a reasonable meal."

This isn't the only wedding menu mishap to go viral. A bride was recently backed online after a relative criticized her decision to offer a buffet instead of a three-course meal to guests, while another couple was dragged by Reddit users for serving guests finger food as they tucked into a roast chicken.

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