Teen Cheered for Refusing to Share Dead Mom's Heirloom With Half-Sister

A teenager has received support online on Reddit for refusing to share their late mother's heirloom with their half-sister.

"My mom's grandma started a cookbook before she had kids, my grandma inherited it off her when grandma started having kids and then my mom got it before she had me. My mom gave it to me when she was sick (I was 7 at the time) and died soon after," the Redditor, @Haylming, wrote last Wednesday. "She told me to be careful with it and that it was special to our family."

In the post, which can be seen here, @Haylming added that a couple of years after their mother had passed away, they learned that their dad had been cheating on her and that their half-sister is the product of this affair.

"After learning this I had a hard time being around my dad," @Haylming shared. "I remember my mom being sad and it made sense why."

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A stock image shows a teenager looking into the distance. The Reddit post has been commented on by over 3,000 users with most expressing their support for the teenager. Getty

After this revelation, much to their father's anger, @Haylming refused to share their mother's beloved cookbook with their half-sister.

"My dad's parents also told me I should have shared it with her and that I'm being cruel to her when my mom isn't alive to care if the child born from the affair gets part of the book or not, but she could be closer to me because I share it with her," @Haylming wrote.

The teenage Redditor also shared in their post that they're struggling to know how to act, and whether they should share the cookbook with their half-sister or not.

Since it was shared to the social media platform, the post has been upvoted by 96 percent of the users engaging with it. The post has also received over 3,000 comments with most users extending their support.

"Give the book to your aunt or uncle for safekeeping. Before it goes missing, is destroyed or edited," one user wrote sarcastically under the post.

Another Redditor added: "It's not from your dad's side of the family, it's from the side of the family that they have no connection to. There is zero reason for them to care about the cookbook from your mom's side of the family."

Newsweek reached out to @Haylming for comment via Reddit.

How Can You Prevent Cheating in a Relationship?

There's no doubt that cheating on your loved one could break their heart and destroy the relationship that you both built. The damage tends to be even worse when children are involved.

Licensed psychologist Howard Gluss says that there are ways in which individuals in relationships can prevent or ward off unfaithfulness, if they themselves are not the perpetrator of the affair.

"It is important to be honest with the person expressing interest in you and let them know that you are in a committed relationship. You should also make it clear to the person that you are not available and that you are committed to your partner. Avoid engaging in behaviors that could be seen as flirting or leading the person on," Gluss told Newsweek.

"If the person continues to express interest in you despite your rejection, it may be necessary to set boundaries, such as limiting contact or avoiding certain situations where you may encounter the person," he added.

Gluss also advised that individuals in these uncomfortable situations seek support from a trusted friend or professional on how to navigate the dilemma and make their partner feel safe and secure.

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