Teen Slamming Dad As 'Gross' for Dating Dead Wife's Sister Divides Opinion

A teenager is beside themselves after their father began dating her late mom's sister, just a year after she passed away.

The teen shared the tangled dilemma to Reddit's popular Am I The A**hole sub , under username throwawaylin371, revealing their parents were school sweethearts.

The 15-year-old, who also has a 19-year-old sister and a 14-year-old brother, explained their parents were together their entire lives, and they were especially close to their mom.

They recalled their 43-year-old dad telling them "he'd never love anyone else like he loved [their mom]."

But their world fell apart after that dad revealed he'd started seeing their aunt, his dead wife's sister.

File photo of man at grave.
File photo of man at grave. A teen is fuming after their dad started dating their dead mom's sister. Anastasija Vujic/Getty Images

The teen raged: "Dad came to us last week and talked to us saying he wanted to get with our aunt. She's been helping us since mum died, we've spent a lot of time with her and our cousins.

"Apparently dad and her fell in love now, and want to be together. Obviously I was furious and told him that he couldn't and that he was betraying mum. My brother agreed with me, but our sister thinks it's ok somehow and tried to get us to listen to dad's betrayal."

Their dad promised he wouldn't find someone new, and while the teen admitted that was probably an overstatement, they continued: "If it was someone new he found, then maybe I could forgive him, but it was mum's SISTER. Mum would NEVER accept it. I would never date my sister's partner, it's disgusting.

"He's just betraying her in a horrible way. And like what about our cousins, are they gonna be our siblings now? It's all so weird and wrong. Dad tried to talk to me about it, but he won't really listen and thinks it's fine. If he really loved mum he would never do this.

"I told him he's not my dad anymore if he cares more about sex than mum and have just refused to talk to him anymore. I want nothing to do with him and I don't care if it's hurt him, he deserves it."

The youngster made clear their feelings, continuing: "I think it's disgusting what he's doing. I don't understand how he can just not care about mum anymore. She would hate this if she knew about it.

"But my sister keeps trying to tell me I'm being unfair and selfish and to give dad and aunt a chance on this. But he made mum a promise, and there's no way breaking it with her sister is right."

The post, shared on Monday, has already amassed nearly 10,000 upvotes and comments, and can be read here, with many weighing in on the situation.

The post divided opinion among Redditors, with some pointing out it might be a logical option, while others claimed close bonds can be formed by those grieving.

Spykid pointed out: "There is a practical benefit—this arrangement creates the least ripples in the family dynamic. I imagine OPs mom's side of the family still wants to be a part of her and her siblings' lives. If her dad got with someone else, there are now 3 families to juggle instead of 2. Maybe OPs dad is really close to the whole family, too."

Able_Secretary_6835 said: "It doesn't seem strange to me. It's really common for people who are mourning the same person to bond and fall in love."

Imnotawerewolf thought: "She feels like her dad is betraying her mother's memory/their relationship by being with mom's sister, specifically."

Happybanana134 reckoned: "Yea I don't get it either. I know fine well my mother would not be happy if my dad moved on with her sister. I know a lot of people are telling you this is common—but so what? It doesn't mean you can't hate it! It's not selfish or AHy to not be ok with something."

Illkeepcomingback9 reckoned: "Yeah it's just so bizarre that your father would want to get with someone who loves his kids, loved his wife and would keep her memory alive in the home, and has helped keep things together around the home throughout these hard times. Soooo strange."

Ok-IrrelevantIdol wrote: "If my spouse passed, I can't imagine ever getting with his siblings. That just seems so wrong to me. And I get the dad is grieving and shit, but so are your kids! They've actively said they don't like it and he's still pursuing? Double gross."

AlphaMomma59 said: "I wouldn't want my husband to marry one of my sisters if I died—I don't care how much she helped. I would be angry and come back and haunt them."

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While Nkbee added: "Look, I love my sister with all my heart, but there are like 3.5 billion* women on this Earth and if I die, my husband can pick one of them to shack up with."

In response to the feedback, the teen cemented their position, stating they didn't want their dad to be alone forever, but couldn't accept him dating his dead wife's sister.

"If he was dating someone else it would be different. I know he shouldn't have to be alone forever. But it's mum's SISTER, my aunt. That's just wrong. Imagine if I got with my sister partner, it would be so gross," they added.