What Is The Viral 'Teenage Dirtbag' TikTok Trend Paris Hilton Is Doing?

TikTok is the spiritual home of viral trends, and its latest craze has attracted numerous celebrities.

Known as the "Teenage Dirtbag" trend, it has received the seal of approval from famous names like Paris Hilton, Charlie XCX and Joe Jonas.

The iconic 2000 single by the band Wheatus is crucial to the trend, serving as the soundtrack for the videos posted.

Videos posted with the #TeenageDirtbag hashtag have received over 621 million views. More than 471,000 videos have already been posted.

What is the viral TikTok "Teenage Dirtbag" trend?

The trend involves playing a sped-up or normal version of the song "Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus, while showing embarrassing and awkward pictures of themselves as teenagers.

This trend allows millennials and Gen-Zers to show their most grunge, emo and punk fashions from their teenager years.

Paris Hilton's video became a trending moment. It showed her sporting several iconic looks from the early 2000s, including an image promoting reality show The Simple Life with Nicole Richie. Her looks also included a sparkly dress she wore in 2002 to her 21st birthday party.

You can see Paris Hilton's video below:

She captioned it "So sorry to everyone else but I win this trend 👑💖✨ #Sliving 🔥". Hilton also wrote in the video "this trend when you were one of the most iconic y2k teens".

Who started the TikTok trend "Teenage Dirtbag"?

Similar to other TikTok trends, it's difficult to pinpoint exactly where this emerged from, especially as there are similar videos that were posted in 2021. For instance, one user created a video recalling her "VSCO girl" phase. This was posted in 2021, and you can see it below.

Which celebrities are taking part in the "Teenage Dirtbag" TikTok trend?

As we've shown above, Paris Hilton has participated in it. Other big names getting involved in the fun include the likes of Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato, Alicia Silverstone, Julia Fox and Charlie XCX.

You can see Joe Jonas' video below:

He captioned it "hopping on the trend." Although some fans were slightly confused as to why he included a final picture of his brother Kevin Jonas, instead of one of himself. Content creators were quick to comment on this saying "the last pic was Kevin" and "why you gotta do Kevin like that".

You can see Demi Lovato's video below:


A teenage dirtbag 🤷‍♀️

♬ teenage dirtbag. wheetus - jj

Lovato captioned the video: "A teenage dirtbag." On her video one fan commented: "thank you for understanding the assignment," while another said she had "nailed it."

In this photo illustration, the social media application logo, Tik Tok is displayed on the screen of an iPhone on March 05, 2019 in Paris, France. Influencer Taylor Frankie Paul went viral over a swinging scandal earlier this year. Getty Images