Tennessee Woman Attacked McDonald's Manager With Stun Gun, Dragged Him Out Through Drive-thru Window

A Tennessee woman has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault after allegedly attacking a McDonald's drive-thru manager with a stun gun on Sunday.

Marquenta Glidwell was detained by Brownsville Police after an alleged assault on the 19-year-old fast food worker, Jacob Jordan. In surveillance footage of the incident, shared with local media outlet WREG, the woman could be seen grabbing Jordan by the head and pulling him out of the window.

According to the victim, Glidwell punched him in the face and eyes and hurled insulting remarks, including that he deserved the vicious attack because he had voted for Donald Trump. "I wasn't even old enough to vote when he ran," Jordan said, noting that the altercation was sparked over a delayed food order.

The overnight manager—working there while saving money for college—told WREG two customers were angry that it was taking too long to get food, and they had been blasting their car horns.

Jordan explained: "I said, 'Hey, I'm the manager, and you're disrespecting me and the customers behind you by laying on the horn. We can refuse to serve you because you're being disruptive." That was when Glidwell exited her vehicle, approached the drive-thru window and allegedly launched into the attack, he said.

The victim was left with a mark on his throat and said he was shocked to hear the insults used by the woman, which included remarks about his sexuality. "It was really hurtful," he told WREG.

Jessica Garland, the victim's mother, said the charge needs to be more severe than felony battery. "She needs to be charged with a hate crime because she hated my son for the color of his skin and his sexuality," Garland said. "That's hate, that's a hate crime to me." WVLT reported Glidwell remained in custody, held on a $10,000 bond, and her next scheduled court appearance had been set for July 30.

Under current Tennessee law, the charge of aggravated assault is defined as intentionally causing bodily injury or using a deadly weapon on another person, law firm Bennett & Michael says online.

Penalties will always depend on the exact allegation, but can typically stretch from between 11 months and 12 years in prison—and a fine.

Last month, across the world in Australia, a McDonald's staff member was blasted in the face with a fire extinguisher while working the drive-thru night shift. Student Kimberley Friend, 21, was targeted by three males and one female, who allegedly filmed the attack. "I inhaled and tasted it straight away. [I thought], 'this is poison,'" the victim told 9News at the time. Her father warned she could have been blinded by the dry chemicals.

The McDonald's restaurant is seen September 10, 2016 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. A Tennessee woman was arrested and charged with aggravated assault after allegedly attacking a drive-thru manager with a stun gun. KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty