Terminator Fans Notice Easter Egg in Film 30 Years Later: 'Well Spotted'

The Terminator franchise spawned some classic one-liners, including "hasta la vista, baby," and the ubiquitous "I'll be back." But some details have remained hidden in plain sight, even for three decades.

Arnold Schwarzenegger started his most famous film role as the robot sent from the future in 1984 in the titular film. The sequel followed in 1991, with the former governor of California starring alongside Robert Patrick as fellow robot T-1000.

In that sequel, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the pair battle it out with high-speed motorcycle chases, gun fights, helicopter crashes and award-winning special effects.

Now, more than 30 years after the film's release, a fan has spotted an Easter egg which went unnoticed for many years.

Redditor CoreyR716 shared the detail to the site's MovieDetails forum, on Monday, where it's already racked up more than 25,000 upvotes.

They wrote: "In Terminator 2 (1991) Dyson holds the door open for the camera man."

CoreyR716 also posted a snippet from the movie, showing Miles Dyson, played by Joe Morton, walking into a lab.

As he enters, he clearly holds the door for someone behind him—as most of us do when walking with guests—as the footage unmistakably reveals the cameraman walks in behind him.

While it's obvious the actors were on a set filled with crew, cameras and lights, the unusual glimpse of the reality of filming was fiercely debated by fans of the blockbuster.

OuttatimepartIII noted: "Right? He holds that door like it's for a colleague."

Pacmonz admitted: "Never noticed this. It feels so natural because the camera is following him and it's as if he's holding it open for us to walk through. Cool."

Embarassed_Tackle commented: "For some reason I thought he was holding the door open for the younger engineer who comes up to him seconds before and says "we need to get... IT, we need IT," meaning the first Terminator's arm."

"But it was so secure maybe that young engineer didn't go in there with Miles Bennet Dyson and the security guard, LOL."

ConditionYellow said: "I have watched this movie countless times, including in the theater opening weekend, and I never noticed it and I think that's why. James Cameron is a master at audience immersion.

WhatIsSevenTimesSix raved: "Now this is a movie detail. Well spotted."

Ulrich_Schnauss added: "I love watching this movie for so many reasons, but details like this that I've never noticed in dozens of viewings... so cool.

"I don't know that I have a 'favorite' movie but this is in the top 5, absolutely."

DonGold60 joked: "Plot twist. There was no cameraman. Filming was done by a Cyberdyne T-1 drone."

Terminator 2 was released to critical acclaim and won a number of awards, including four Oscars.

A third instalment, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, was released in 2003. A fourth film, Terminator Salvation, followed in 2009, but didn't star Schwarzenegger.

But he returned for the fifth and sixth films, Terminator Genisys, released in 2015, and Terminator: Dark Fate, in 2019. The latter also saw Linda Hamilton reprise her role as Sarah Connor.

Movie posters for the Terminator films.
Movie posters for the first two Terminator films. A fan has noticed an Easter egg in the second film, released in 1991. IMBD

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