Elon Musk Left Stunned as Armored Glass of Cybertruck Windows Break in Demonstration: 'Oh My F***ing God'

Tesla boss Elon Musk was left visibly stunned yesterday after the "armored" windows of his new Blade Runner-esque pickup truck smashed during an on-stage demo.

Musk, who was speaking in California unveiling the company's latest creation, the "Cybertruck," was clearly heard saying "Oh my f***ing God" after an aide hurled a metallic ball at the front window and instantly shattered it, a test that was intended to show its durability.

The back panel also smashed, leaving the billionaire CEO to give the rest of the presentation in front of a truck with two broken window panels.

Moments earlier, after successfully showing how the Cybertuck can withstand a blast from a sledgehammer without leaving a visible scrape, Musk did concede that windows could be perceived as the main "vulnerability" of the tough new truck setup, which carries an entry level price tag of about $39,900.

Apparently such fears were warranted, at least on this demo model, which did not live up to Tesla's claim that the armor glass on the new Cybertruck should be able to "absorb and redirect impact force."

"It didn't go through, so that's a plus side," Musk said on stage after the first window broke, then repeating the excuse after the back panel suffered the same unfortunate fate. "Eh, not bad," the CEO continued, laughing, "a little room for improvement."

"We threw wrenches, we threw everything, we even literally threw the kitchen sink at the glass, and it didn't break. For a little weird reason it broke now, I don't know why. You know, fix it in post," Musk added, looking back over his shoulder at the glass and swiftly moving on.

Elon wanted to show off the Cybertruck's tough "armored" glass. It, uhh, didn't go exactly to plan... https://t.co/OaHpTUHNhs pic.twitter.com/zRUTkmaqSu

— Roadshow (@roadshow) November 22, 2019

Thankfully, the rest of the presentation was smooth sailing, and the design instantly grabbed the attention of social media due to its unique blocky form factor, resembling a take on vehicles like the DeLorean or something from the movie Total Recall or popular video game series Halo.

Some loved it, some hated it, but everyone was talking about it.

Tesla says the Cybertruck accelerates from 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds and offers up to 500 miles of range. According to the electric car company, it has the ability to "pull near infinite mass" and comes with a towing capability of more than 14,000 pounds. On stage, Musk played a video of the truck appearing to easily outpace a current edition Porsche 911 off the starting line.

The firm said suspension can be raised and lowered four inches in either direction. But some of the largest whoops and shouts of "what!" were reserved for the price tag of $39,900. That is the cost without snazzy extras, of course. The Cybertruck is available to order now.

"I should say we are going to be offering rides in this all night," Musk said as the 20-minute showcase was drawing to a close. Brushing his hand back, he joked: "Don't mind the glass."

Elon Musk
Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk stands in front of the shattered windows of the newly unveiled all-electric battery-powered Tesla's Cybertruck at Tesla Design Center in Hawthorne, California on November 21, 2019. FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty