'Texas and Florida' Trends as Ukrainian Asks What You'd Give Up for Peace

Ukrainian lawmaker Inna Sovsun asked people Monday on Twitter to say where in their country they would give up for peace, prompting some Americans to say they would give up Texas and Florida.

"For anyone asking me 'Maybe you should give up Crimea and Donbas in exchange for peace?' Before asking this question, name me the specific region in your country you would be willing to give up if Putin started bombing your cities," she tweeted.

As the Russia-Ukraine war threatens to continue into April, the Russian military's goals have appeared to become more limited, focusing on the Crimea and Donbas regions of Ukraine. Russian officials said their plan is now to "liberate" eastern parts of the country, while Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky suggested Russian troops return to that area so the two countries can resolve the issue of Donbas.

However, some Ukrainians have voiced opposition to the idea that Russia could take any region of the country.

Twitter users responded to Sovsun's question by naming the states that they would give up for peace with Russia, causing two states, Florida and Texas, to trend Monday morning.

"Frankly I'd give up Florida and Texas to Russia if they stop bombing Ukraine," wrote Twitter user Phil Berne.

User Justin Treuhaft wrote: "I don't think Ukraine should give up anything. I can think of a few states I'd be willing give up. I'm looking at you, Florida and Texas."

"I know this is serious for Ukraine, and the answer should be none, but I cannot resist. We've talked about separating from Florida man for awhile now," tweeted user Janda Collins.

Sovsun criticized people who were not taking her scenario—a reality for Ukrainians—seriously.

"It seems that the majority of people commenting here do take this too lightly. Might I remind you that giving any part of your territory to #russia would mean people there would be deprived of basic human rights? Remember that when giving names of the territories," she wrote.

Others also condemned those who named Florida and Texas as states they would give up.

"For all the people who want to give up florida and texas: If you're fine with those states going to putin, why are you mad their laws suck so much? You apparently don't care for the people living there," wrote user Tom Tirado.

Donbas, which is home to millions of people before the war began, has long been a center of the conflict, as Russian leaders have argued that the region should be part of their country. In 2014, the Russian military invaded the Crimea region, which has also been disputed between both countries.

After more than a month of fighting, Zelensky said Sunday in an interview with Russian independent media, that he was ready to meet some of the Kremlin's demands in future talks between the two countries, saying he understands "it is impossible to force Russia to completely liberate the territory" because it would lead to "World War III."

"That's why I say: It's a compromise. Return to where it all began, and there we will try to solve the complex issue of Donbas," he added.

Texas, Florida trend after Ukrainian MP tweet
Ukrainian lawmaker Inna Sovsun asked people on Twitter to say where in their country they would give up for peace, prompting some Americans to say they would give up Texas and Florida. Above, a Texas Historical Commission marker is seen in San Antonio in December 2018. Robert Alexander/Getty Images