Monstrous 400-pound Feral Hog Invades Texas Golf Course, Is Caught and Tied Alive

A massive feral hog weighing approximately 400 pounds was captured in Texas last week when trappers were called to remove it from a San Antonio golf course.

The wild boar was tied up after being found at the Gateway Hills Golf Course last Thursday by experts from Lone Star Trapping, who were assisted by hunting dogs. On social media, team member Wyatt Walton described the animal as "extremely large" and smart.

According to Walton, Lone Star Trapping has captured more than 1,200 feral hogs from the same region in the last three years, and thousands more across the surrounding areas.

A video obtained by KSAT shows the animal squirming after being bound, as a trapper uses a cell phone to zoom in on the size of its tusks. Multiple images showing two captured wild hogs were also posted to Facebook.

"The work isn't done," Walton said. "As San Antonio continues to flourish in population, there's that much more native land having developments built on it. To accommodate the growth, native wildlife is just being pushed and pushed. Eventually, you [will] end up having instances with human interactions as [the wild animals] are just trying to survive," the trapper added.

In Texas, it has been legal to kill feral hogs without a hunting license since September 1, when Senate Bill 317, spearheaded by Senator Bryan Hughes, officially came into effect.

"This was once a problem that folks dealt with only in rural areas [but] now they're coming into suburban areas," Sen. Hughes told media outlet KLTV in February, noting that the ultimate aim was to reduce the population. "You don't need a hunting license and there's no season, these hogs are so aggressive and so harmful that you're doing the state a service by killing them."

SB 317 amended a line that said harmful wild feral hogs had to be "causing depredation" before they could legally be hunted.

The term "feral hog" hit the headlines in August after becoming an instant meme, sparked by a Twitter user with the name Willie McNabb who jumped into a discussion about gun control to ask how he could kill the "30 to 50" hogs known to storm his home while his kids are playing.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, there are more than 1.5 million feral hogs in the state. It says mature hogs can reach heights of 36 inches and weights from 100 to over 400 pounds. They are known to cause destruction to farmland and livestock while searching for food.

"In a natural state, feral hogs will prefer to run and escape danger and are not considered dangerous," the state wildlife organization explains. "Extreme caution should be maintained when tracking wounded animals, trapping animals or encountering females with young. Their razor-sharp tusks combined with their lightning speed can cause serious injury," it adds.

Lone Star Trapping did not immediately respond to a request for comment asking about the fate of the animal. When asked online, Walton responded: "I'll have its head for a keepsake."