FaZe Tfue, TSM Daequan and XQC Banned: What Happened This Time? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: It seems like Twitch had a massive wave of bans this morning. C9 Sneaky, Pokelawls, KittyPlays and Alfie have all been suspended from the platform. DMCA takedowns seem to be the culprit. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act allows companies to take down copyrighted content they believe is being used without their permission.​

Twitch chose not to comment on any of these bans.

Overwatch streamer XQC and Fortnite streamers FaZe Tfue and Daequan might be in trouble. Tfue's Epic Games account has been suspended for account buying, and XQC has been banned from Twitch for yet unknown reasons. Both are no strangers to controversy, XQC has been banned from the Overwatch League and Tfue has been banned from Twitch before.

Why was Tfue Banned?

Tfue's Fortnite account was suspended after it became clear he was selling Fortnite accounts with rare skins via Twitter. Buying and selling accounts is against Epic Games EULA, or End User License Agreement, which is the ultimate sin in the company's eyes. Speculation on the Fortnite subreddit ran rampant, until Epic Games employee arctyczyn popped into the comments.

Tfue had been warned before about selling accounts, yet chose to continue. He was informed why his account was banned, "but did not disclose that information to his viewers while streaming," according to the post. Some of his since-deleted tweets from early April are fairly damning. "Buying FortNite Accounts with Christmas Halloween and Season 1 Skins DMs Open," one read.

The ban hasn't impeded his stream though, he's just using another account called "Not Tfue."

why is everyone getting banned 😥

— Tfue (@TTfue) June 22, 2018

In May, FaZe Tfue was banned from Twitch for 30 days (eventually lowering it to one week) after calling another Fortnite player a "coon." The streamer has gained hundreds of thousands of subscribers on Twitch and YouTube over the past few months and the pressure of all of that attention must be starting to wear on him.

Fellow Fortnite streamer TSM Daequan is currently banned from Twitch, <s>but reasons surrounding that are cloudy at best. for a DMCA takedown.

Well apparently I got a temporary ban on twitch for a DMCA notice aka I used some copyright material on twitch??? 🤷🏻‍♀️ So... guess I'll see you guys tomorrow FailFish. Lame. Well whoever's music I played or whatever doesn't like free advertisement I guess. pic.twitter.com/OMACktubGV

— Daequan (@TSM_Daequan) June 22, 2018

Why was XQC Banned?

Mfw I play a heavily requested @JuiceWorlddd song and get slammed by DMCA for the first time. All I wanted is the juice cmonBruh pic.twitter.com/cWJzyKbRLN

— xQc (@xQc) June 22, 2018

Overwatch bad boy XQC currently has his Twitch account suspended, though we don't know exactly why. Some LiveStreamFail Redditors believe it's because he showed his feet on last night's stream, but that's not against Terms of Service. A more likely explanation is that a day before he played a Tekashi 6ix9ine video full of profanity and partial nudity. The Soundcloud rapper with rainbow teeth and dreads might have been a bit too much. XQC tried to close the video before anything incriminating appeared on stream, but failed. The streamer has yet to comment about the situation and it's unclear if this is a permanent ban or a mild suspension.

XQC might be the most risque streamer still playing Overwatch. A streamer turned professional Overwatch League player for the Dallas Fuel, XQC was benched multiple times for profane actions, eventually losing his role on the team for spamming racist emotes in the chat room.

Newsweek reached out to Twitch for comment, but the platform doesn't comment on individual bans.