Thai Police Search for Two New Suspects in Deadly Bangkok Bombing

A woman prays at Erawan Shrine, the site of the recent bomb blast, in Bangkok, on August 30. Jorge Silva/Reuters

Police in Thailand are searching for two suspects in the deadly bomb attack in Bangkok earlier this month that killed 20 people and injured 120 more in a commercial hub during rush hour.

On Monday, authorities issued arrest warrants for a Thai woman and a man whose nationality is unknown, according to the Associated Press. National police spokesman Prawut Thavornsiri said he believes they are part of a group responsible for the bombing.

Two days earlier, officials arrested a 28-year-old foreign man they said fit the description of a suspect who left a backpack at the site of the attack on August 17. The authorities said before they detained him, they raided his apartment and found possible bomb-making materials, including industrial pipes.

Additional bomb-making materials were found in a second apartment nearby on Sunday. Police believe the Thai woman suspect, identified on national TV as 26-year-old Wanna Suansun, rented the apartment along with the unidentified man.

A televised announcement showed a photograph of Suansun wearing a black headscarf and a police sketch of the man, who is believed to be from another country. His face is shown as having a light beard and mustache.

Thai police claimed for themselves $84,000 in reward money for tips leading to the arrest of the suspects, the AP reported.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack. Authorities are still attempting to identify a definite motive, but believe the bomb was meant to disrupt the country's economy and tourism.

The bombing occurred near the Erawan Shrine dedicated to the Hindu god Brahma, a popular tourist destination for both tourists and Thai residents. Witnesses told reporters that body parts were scattered across the scene and windows were blasted.