Therapist Who Gave Up 'Sensitive' Information Slammed for 'Violating' Teen

A therapist is being dragged online for revealing "sensitive" information about a teen to his father from their sessions, garnering a lot of disapproval for his actions.

The viral Reddit post, titled, "AITA for reporting my son's therapist for giving my ex-husband information about the sessions?" has received 9,000 upvotes and 1,200 comments since it was shared by Redditor @SabrinaFox33 on Thursday.

According to Good Therapy, anyone under 18 doesn't usually have confidentiality rights within therapy. However, some therapists will ask parents to be in agreement with confidentiality rules before treating the child.

The American Psychological Association (APA) reports that often times at the first visit the child and their parents will discuss rules when it comes to privacy with the therapist so that both parties know what information might be shared and what is kept private. The APA also said that a parent consenting to treatment for their child usually has "the right" to know the content of treatment. However, that changes when the child reaches the age of consent.

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A therapist is being dragged online on Reddit for revealing "sensitive" information about a teen to his father from their sessions, garnering a lot of disapproval for his actions. THOMAS NORTHCUT/GETTY

According to a 2017 BuzzFeed article, therapists are required to disclose information when there might be a "threat of harm" to the person in question or others, including when suspecting abuse or neglect, although laws vary by state.

In her Reddit post, @SabrinaFox33, the OP, says that she and her ex-husband separated seven months ago, and share custody of their 14-year-old teenage son, who has "struggled" to accept the breakup and acclimate to the new "normal."

The OP put her son in therapy, which was suggested by her brother-in-law, who happens to be the teen's favorite uncle and his father's brother. However, the OP noticed that her ex has been coming by a lot to start "fights" about their son, and saying that he should live with him "full-time."

"At first, I had no idea what his problem was [until] my son told me that he's suspecting his therapist to be giving my ex-husband information about the sessions because my ex-husband brought up many things my son talked about in therapy, but [my] ex-husband was trying to deflect blame."

The OP did some "digging," and it turns out the teen was correct, revealing that she felt "violated" for her son. When she attempted to "confront" the therapist, he said that her ex came to him with "concerns," and wanted to know what their son said in their sessions.

The woman continued: "I had a big argument with him and told him that I'll be reporting him for betraying my son's trust and violating him like that even if this information was going to his dad, AKA 'family,' to me that is still wrong."

The teen's therapist told the OP's ex about her reporting him. According to the OP, her ex didn't say a word, but thinks he must have told his brother, who told her that she "overreacted." He added that if she reports her son's therapist, she'll cause additional "damage" as their son "got used to this one."

"When I pointed out how my ex-husband could've gathered and twisted information to screw me over in custody, he told me then I was doing this for my own 'selfish reasons' and to cover my own a**," the OP explained. "He said that I clearly don't have my son's best interest at heart to think that's OK. I got mad and told him to leave after he tried to talk my son into stopping me from reporting his (buddy) therapist."

The OP yelled at her brother-in-law saying that "clearly" he and her ex, along with the therapist, were in it "together." The woman's family is now telling her to just "let it go" and find another therapist instead of reporting him.

Redditors Give Their Thoughts

Over 1,200 comments poured in over the situation, with many people slamming the therapist, who they think needs to be reported. One such comment received 16,500 upvotes on its own.

"NTA [not the a**hole]," the user said. "The therapist absolutely should be reported for their wildly unprofessional behavior."

Another Redditor, who doesn't think the OP is at fault, thinks the woman needs to report the therapist ASAP, insisting, "He swore an oath of patient confidentiality, and he grossly violated that. But not just for you, he could have done the same thing with other families and needs to be thoroughly investigated."

One user thinks the woman would be at fault if she didn't report the therapist who has "no concept of appropriate professional boundaries," adding, "He knows very d**n well he's not supposed to repeat s**t he hears in that room, so he's being completely irresponsible and unprofessional, and someone needs to stop him."

However, a doctor weighed in with their own comment, saying that reading some of the comments was "driving" them crazy. They admitted to abiding by "patient confidentiality," but in some cases, their "hands are tied."

"If the patient is a minor, I have to disclose their information to their legal guardian," they said. "If someone else is paying for treatment, I have to disclose information to that person. If the patient is exhibiting signs of self-harm, harming others or abuse/neglect I have to disclose their information to law enforcement. In certain jurisdictions, minors have no right to privacy from their legal guardians."

Another user thinks the a**hole in the situation is the ex, and referenced information from the APA. "There's no law that protects the confidentiality between a minor and therapist from the minor's legal guardian. If your ex-husband demands to know what happened in such therapy session, the therapist is forced to tell your husband as he has custody over your son," the user said.

Newsweek reached out to @SabrinaFox33 for comment.

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