'They Kicked Me Out': Internet Torn Over Wedding Joke About Groom's Affair

According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, 15 percent of woman and 25 percent of men cheat on a partner they are in a long-term relationship with. That said, the internet is torn after reading a submission by a social media user that detailed a joke told at their brother's wedding—about an affair.

In a viral post published to Reddit's "AmITheA**hole" forum, a user by the name of u/throwra2433 prefaced the tale by saying in elementary school, they were the kid that would "disrupt class often." For them to learn a lesson, their mother signed them up for a tutor by the name of "Abby."

The user's older brother "John" began talking to Abby and they became close and eventually started dating. Since Abby still hung out at their house, the user and Abby became close as well.

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A Redditor is considered a "justified a**hole" according to the internet when they used their brother's affair in a wedding speech at his wedding. Tero Vesalainen/iStock / Getty Images Plus

A decade later, Abby and John are married with one child. Years later, John wanted a divorce because he met someone else.

"It sucked because I liked John and Abby together a lot but whatever," the Redditor wrote. "Then he tells me he had an affair with his new girlfriend. Also sucks and I told him he shouldn't have hurt Abby like that but whatever. I also asked Abby how she was doing and she wasn't doing well but she told me she didn't want her to be the reason I have a bad relationship with my brother."

Months before the wedding, Abby called the Redditor to tell them she's been receiving unkind and rude messages from John's soon-to-be fiancé. Since finding out, they told their brother but he saw "nothing wrong" with the cruel texts that were sent to Abby, even after they confirmed they saw the same messages which angered the user.

Abby stressed that she didn't want the situation to influence the sibling relationship moving forward. She encouraged them to still attend their brother's wedding, where he had to make a speech.

"The speech went well until I made a joke," the user said. "The gist of the joke was me turning to his new wife and telling her that if she's learned anything from this she should know that my brother 'will never let his wife stop him from finding the love of his life.' This got my brother and his wife really mad, and they kicked me out shortly after, and my brother has been calling/texting me nonstop yelling at me."

The "AITA" community was torn in the comments.

"You know how vigilantes are technically in the wrong but we all cheer them on anyway?YTA but High five," u/catsncupcakes said, receiving the top comment with 21,000 upvotes.

"He's the hero we all deserve. ESH on a technicality but still," u/alexrt87 wrote.

U/LockSea8204 justified the user's actions. "YTA. If I was attending that wedding I would have laughed my a** off! Sometimes being an a**hole is appropriate. Not all heroes wear capes."

"Yeah YTA but I wouldn't loose any sleep over it if I where you," u/Mindless_Anywhere_74 commented.

"YTA, but I wholeheartedly support you," u/pastrymom said.