Suspected Armed Robber Tracked Down, Arrested Thanks to Own TikTok Videos

FBI Detroit has arrested a man after spotting the shoes allegedly worn during four robberies in a series of TikTok videos.

The individual, 22-year-old Chozen Hannah, has reportedly been arrested in relation to two armed robberies of 7-Eleven stores, an armed robbery of a Marathon gas station, and a robbery at an Old West Tobacco.

According to reports, police were anonymously tipped off about Hannah's TikTok videos, in which he was allegedly wearing the same shoes described by eyewitnesses, along with similar hair colors.

Investigations by Dearborn Police started on December 1 when a man wearing black pants, a black hooded sweatshirt, a black ski mask, a black backpack with pink floral accents and white shoes allegedly robbed a 7-Eleven with a black handgun.

The following three robberies took place over the next two months until February 1.

Hannah was posting to his TikTok account during this time span, in which he often filmed himself dancing and lip-syncing, uploading them under the name @chozenwrld where he currently has over 140,000 followers.

It was noted by investigators that the shoes worn during the robberies seemed similar in appearance to those sported by the 22-year-old in a video dating back to September 24, 2020.

Although the shoes pointed police in his direction, his pink and purple hair spotted in some videos also seemed to correlate.

According to Detroit News, investigators found Hannah inside a home in Redford last Wednesday, and he has since admitted to all four crimes. Newsweek is trying to verify this information.

Hannah's physical attributes reportedly match those given by eyewitness accounts, but countered others. According to Detroit News, some victims estimated that the robber was a taller, white man.

FBI Detroit adopted the case from Dearborn Police and reportedly began surveilling Hannah on February 9 outside his home for multiple days. After tracking down a phone number belonging to the individual, the FBI obtained a search warrant for the cell phone's location date.

Data seen by investigators reportedly placed the phone at the geographic locations of the armed robberies at the reported times for each incident.

Detroit News reported that Hannah is currently being held without bond while awaiting a detention hearing in federal court on Monday.

Newsweek has contacted FBI Detroit for comment and further information.

It wouldn't be the first time a TikTok account has resulted to an arrest. In January, a Texas woman was arrested after a TikTok video showed two illegal lemurs in her care.

The video recorded two lemurs in a cage, with on-screen text reading: "I found King Julian in San Antonio with a special lady."

Officials were then able to identify her after tracking down her social media business named "Alamo City Frenchie Cartel," reported to be a dog breeding business.

Investigators and Animal Control Services reportedly later visited the home where they found one alive lemur and the remains of another.

UPDATE 02/28/22, 12:06 p.m. ET: This article was updated to reflect that the investigation was taken over by FBI Detroit.