Starbucks Worker Reveals How To Order To Make Their Job Easier: 'I Didn't Know'

A Starbucks worker has revealed the one way customers are able to make their job easier while ordering a drink.

The Seattle-based employee, Danielle Sanchez, shared her tip in a popular TikTok video three days ago, gaining over 100,000 views. The video can be seen here.

According to Sanchez, ordering a drink with the desired size first is the best way and makes the lives of workers easier.

To the tune on Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me," Sanzhez lip-synced the line: "Hey isn't this easy?"

"When a customer orders their drink by saying size first," she wrote on-screen.

According to Sanchez, the machines require employees to select the size of the drink before making any customizations. "It's truly not a big deal but it is the first thing we are prompted to select," she clarified in the video's caption.

It seems Sanchez's thoughts are wide-spread among baristas too, as other Starbucks employees filled the comments with similar complaints.

"I hate having to interrupt the customer while they're ordering but like....I don't wanna make you repeat all the modifications because I need the size," wrote one barista.

"What drives me crazy is when they ask for all the modifications, then the drink, then the size," commented another.

"Yes, it makes our job on POS so much easier!" shared one user.

The video also left customers vowing to do their part, with one user writing: "From now on I'll say size first. I didn't know."


it’s truly not a big deal but it is the first thing we are promoted to select sooo 😬 do any #baristas feel this way? #starbucks #baristatok #seattle

♬ you belong with me - sia

TikTok has allowed employees from all over the U.S., Starbucks workers especially, to shine a light on little-known secrets from the job.

In 2021, one worker went viral on TikTok after revealing the "grossest" drink they've made at their location.

"This is one of the grossest drinks anyone has ever ordered, no cap," he wrote on-screen. The barista began to make a regular fruit-based drink with mango and dragon fruit juice and lemonade.

But the recipe took a turn when a shot of espresso was added to the mix. "This is so disgusting, seriously," the barista wrote in the video.

TikTok, however, didn't come in handy for Starbucks baristas in February when a fake drink went viral on the app. The "Under The Sea" refresher had customers convinced they could get the drink after a series of viral videos, but it didn't even exist.

Unknowing TikTok users took to the stores to attempt to order the non-existent drink, leaving baristas frustrated with constantly having to explain the truth behind it all.