TikTokkers, Please Stop Using Lube on Your Face

Every day on TikTok it seems there is a new "hack" to curl your hair with less damage, get clearer skin, or apply your makeup more flawlessly.

While many are harmless, the latest trend to go viral appears downright ludicrous.

Sean Anthony, a beauty content creator on the app, took to TikTok to suggest his 343,000 followers mix lube in with their foundation.

As he applied the mixture to his face, text on screen said it makes the makeup "glide on smooth" and "flawless and fresh."

Should I Mix Lube With My Foundation?

Anthony isn't necessarily wrong about the lube's effect on your finished look, as Dr. Victor Wong, medical director of Laser Clinics U.K, told Newsweek: "It will allow makeup to sit better on the skin and give a smoother finish."

But he cautioned: "But it can dehydrate the skin leaving it dry and more prone to inflammation. Furthermore, it can also block pores on the face."

This isn't the only unconventional hack that's been shared across social media.

According to Cosmopolitan, influencer Huda Kattan previously confessed to using Vagisil—a cream designed to prevent vaginal itching—as a primer for her makeup. The ability of hemorrhoid cream to battle under-eye bags has also been regularly debated.

While Vagisil does in fact share some ingredients often associated with the skin-blurring properties in primers like dimethicone and glycerin, Wong said it was best to exercise caution before trying to use these products on your face.

"The products have not been licensed for use on the face for a reason, and therefore will most likely cause long-term issues," he explained.

These can include clogged pores, and thinner, drier skin which can lead to premature ageing.

"The skin will also be more prone to damage from UV like hyperpigmentation and inflammatory disorders such as acne," he added.

What Should I Use Instead?

Ultimately, flawless looking makeup starts with a good skincare practice.

"Long-term use of medical grade skincare products with active ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol and glycolic acid can also improve the texture of the skin, which will ultimately lead to flawless makeup application," said Wong.

With so many beauty and skincare influencers touting their favorite hacks and products, it can be difficult to find reliable information on what your skin needs.

"There is a lot of information online, so it can be quite confusing," Wong explained. "The safest way would be to speak to a dermatologist or aesthetic practitioner—face to face or virtually—who will be able to perform a skin analysis and advise the appropriate medical grade products for your skin."

Woman applies cream to her face
A woman applies cream to her face. A TikTok user has encouraged followers to mix lube, inset, with their foundation for "flawless" application. Getty Images