Burger King Worker Shows Aftermath of Deep Fryer Overflow: 'I'm Done Working Here'

A Burger King worker shared the moment a deep fat fryer overflowed in the kitchen of one of the chain's fast food restaurants, dubbing it his "resignation letter."

Joshua Michael shared the video to TikTok just five days ago, gaining over 4.5 million views in the time since.

The video captured the reaction of employees as oil from the fryer flowed onto the floor of the kitchen. According to comments left by Michael, this was initially believed to have been caused by water left in the fryer.

"Bro, f**k out of here. I'm done working here," Michael said in the video, filming the oil bubbling and splashing out of the fryer.

"I'm done," he repeated multiple times. "We're closed. Tell everybody it's done."

The floor, as shown in the video, was covered in hot oil.

"Someone put water in the fryer this morning," Michael said in the caption of the video.

The video can be seen in full here.

In a follow-up clip posted to his TikTok account, Michael continued to film, saying: "I'm not touching that. This is my resignation letter right here."

"How the hell did that happen?" an off-camera voice could be heard asking.

"This s**t happens every day, who knows how it happens," responded Michael. In a later video however, he clarified that this exact incident had never occurred before, recounting: "First time seeing that s**t and hopefully the last time."

Another follow-up video showed other workers cleaning the mess left behind from the fryer overflow.


Reply to @elvisnolove someone put water in the fryer this morning 😂😂 #fyp #burgerkingproblems #bk #iquit #fyyypppp

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In a comment, Michael confirmed that chemicals and water in the fryer caused the reaction. "THE MANAGER PUT CHEMICALS IN THE FRYER AND WATER TO CLEAN IT. But someone else turned it on and that's what happened," he wrote.

When water is added to boiling oil, it causes a sudden change of state which then leads to an extremely violent reaction—often bubbling and expanding but on some occasions, even fire.

"This has happened to me before but I caught it before it got to this point. I will never work fast food again," commented one TikTok user on the viral video.

Michael's video of the deep fat fryer mishap was exactly that, but late last year fast food workers took to the social media app to purposely create the reaction in a concerning minor trend.

This saw fast food workers rack up millions of views after dropping, or pretending to drop, ice into a deep fat fryer. A user sparked the trend with a video that featured him jokingly approaching a fryer with a basket of ice. "I'm sick of this job," they wrote on-screen. The video however stopped before any ice was dunked.

Another user however gained over 18 million views in two days after actually performing the dangerous stunt. A Louisiana Popeyes worker submerged a basket of ice into the deep fat fryer, starting an immediate reaction of bubbling oil overflowing from the machine. An off-camera voice could be heard repeating: "Take it out."