Chipotle Worker Shows How Restaurant Makes Its Guacamole: 'So Satisfying'

A Chipotle worker has shown millions of viewers exactly how the chain restaurant makes its guacamole, in a series of step-by-step videos.

Using the TikTok handle @thechipotleguy, the anonymous worker spilled behind-the-scenes details about the popular Mexican restaurant chain.

In his most popular video, he revealed how the kitchen makes the guacamole and it's surprisingly fresher than many may have expected.

"Y'all wanted to see Chipotle guac, so here it is," he wrote on-screen.

A huge metal bowl was filled with avocados cut in half, before a heap of salt was added to the mixture. The pair of ingredients were then mashed together using a large tool. With the vital help of pure elbow grease, the avocados eventually mashed into a smooth consistency.

"Then we add our precut mix of onions, cilantro, jalapenos and citric juice," he explained. "Then we mix." The lime juice, he claimed in a comment, is simply fresh squeezed lime juice.

"Then it gets panned out, sealed and put into a fridge to use throughout the day," he continued.

A follow-up video by the worker saw the guacamole be "lidelled, labeled and stored for later use."

The seran wrap was stretched over the mixture in the pan and pushed down to create an air-tight cover, before a lid was then placed on top.

"This process ensures freshness and prevents browning," he said. According to the worker, his location makes around four to six amounts of guacamole a day.

"Is that it?" commented one viewer, who was shocked by just how few steps went into the complete process.

"Why was the mashing so satisfying?" asked another.

Although most viewers were left glad to see what goes into the mixture, many provided constructive criticism of sorts on the food. "Needs twice the onion, cilantro, jalapeno mix," noted one user.

"Mash? Tell that to the half avocado in my Chipotle," added another.

This video is the latest in a TikTok-based trend that sees fast food workers taking to secret social media accounts to dish secrets on recipes.

Last week, a McDonald's worker went viral after explaining the difference between folded and round eggs.

Folded eggs, he explained, "come pre-cooked" as he showed them in a plastic packaging, appearing just as they do when served.

"All we do is throw them on the grill and arrange them neatly, put a little water in there and cook them," he explained. After cooking, they're simply scooped into the tray

Round eggs in contrast are cooked fresh every day. The eggs are cracked directly onto the cooker, which came as a surprise to some customers, into a rounded stencil to ensure the shape.