Internet Raves About 'Life Changing' Hack Fixing Common Fashion Faux-Pas

You've bought the perfect dress. The material feels great and it's a complimentary color to your eyes, but it's just a little loose around the waist. It's a dilemma faced by most dress-wearers at least once, but a new viral hack provides an easy solution using objects you likely already have.

The internet-favored hack involves just a hairband and either a hoop earring or bracelet but the results provide a far-from-simple look.

Made popular by various fashion influencers online, the hack has gained huge momentum and racked up millions of views across TikTok.

The first step of the dress-altering technique requires you to put it on all the wrong ways: inside-out and back-to-front. Gathering the fabric, you take a hoop earring or metal bangle and slot it underneath the fabric at the stomach, before wrapping the fabric around it in the area you want tightened.

Then, a hair band is wrapped around the earring or bangle, holding the gathered fabric in place.

When the dress is then zipped or slipped off and placed back on, it fits perfectly tight with no bagging at the back. The tied area looks like a purposeful ruched design at the back or front.


How to tighten a dress easily without needles & threads… dress by @neverfullydressed 💚 #dress #hack #fashionhack #dresshack

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If your dress would be too tight to take off and put back on with the band in place, fashion influencer @kalechng offered an alternative: place the bangle on the outside of the dress before lifting it up and placing the hair tie around it from underneath, @kalechng gained over 10 million views on her video of the hack in January.

Users have been trying it out for themselves across the social media platform and sharing it with their followers, including @kristinakacheeva who gained over 120,000 likes on her post. In a comment she explained that both a hoop earring and a bangle work just as well as one another.

On April 25, TikToker @serendipedi shared her take on the trick and gained over 500,000 likes.

There's one thing in common across the videos though—the reaction. Fashion-lovers have been left vowing to try it out for themselves.

"That is revolutionary," commented one user, while another noted: "This is life changing."

"So you're telling me that I got rid of my pretty brown satin dress for being odd fitting when I could've done this," added another regretful TikTok viewer.

"That's actually so smart," noted another.

TikTok is certainly no stranger to useful fashion hacks, and this one isn't the first when it comes to adjusting the sizing of clothes. Compared to others however, this hair-tie hack might be on the tamer side.

Earlier this year, TikTokers began showering in their jeans in a bid to stretch out their too-small denim. The technique was introduced across the app by a vintage reseller who documented her first try of the trick, recommended to her by her grandmother.

It seemed to work, sparking an encore of other users trying it out themselves. The results were impressive, as fashion-loving TikTokers rushed to show their new perfectly fitting jeans.

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