Cleaning Hack To Get Rid of Grime From Garbage Disposal Amazes Internet

A TikTok cleaning hack has resurfaced on the app once again and it's sure to rid your home of that constant smelly garbage disposal.

Wanting your house to smell nice at all times is only natural, but sometimes a garbage disposal can be sure to get in the way.

This hack provided by "CleanTok" in 2021 has been gaining popularity again, and all it takes to clean is ice cubes and hot water. For those who truly enjoy the before and after experience, it even makes the intense amount of built up brown gunk visible during the process, to see just how dirty your disposal was.

To follow the tip, simply fill the garbage disposal to the brim with ice cubes, making sure to pack them in tightly. The garbage disposal should then be turned on before running the hot water tap. All the built up dirt should then rise out of the disposal into the sink, before being rinsed back down.

TikTok user Rochelle shared her experience with the hack on March 17 after trying it out when she moved into her new apartment. Her video has since gained over 8 million views.

"Y'all I'm so disgusted, I moved here two months ago and randomly decided to do this TikTok trend," she wrote on-screen. The video can be seen here.

Rochelle followed the trick step-by-step and hey presto, floods of dirty brown liquid filled up the sink.

The hack reportedly works by filling the garbage disposal to its absolute capacity with the water and ice, meaning the dirt and grime is forced to dislodge and has nowhere else to go but up and out.

Rochelle finished off her process by pouring Dawn dish soap and bleach down the drain to clean the last remainders, something that was met with warnings by viewers not to do, due to the possibility of it causing a reaction. Despite this, trying the ice trick again proved successful for Rochelle, as a clean-looking white frothy liquid filled the sink instead of the previous brown gunk.

A duplicate version of the hack also exists on the app, with a slight variation which some professionals claim is far more efficient.

Apartment Therapy spoke to a plumbing professional who advocated for using ice with a "gentle cleaning agent" like dish soap or half a cup of baking soda. They recommended to simply use a big glass of ice cubes, rather than packing it into the garbage disposal. This method won't provide the satisfying view of the gunk rising and falling, but should still dislodge and clean the gunk away.

Thanks to the rise in the online cleaning community, known as "#CleanTok," cleaning hacks are becoming more accessible—many of which are dubbed "genius" as they provide easy ways to tidy up the home.

That's not to say they always provide a pleasant outcome like Rochelle, with one woman last year claiming a TikTok hack left her "lucky to be alive."

The hack consists of cutting up several regular sponges and soaking them in a mixture of fabric softener and water. Then, after squeezing out the excess liquid, the sponges are popped in the dryer with a load of laundry, as an alternative to dryer sheets.

According to the mom, they awoke to the house filled with smoke after the dryer set on fire.

Dirty and clean sinks
Left: Stock image of a sink with food waster. Right: Stock image of a garbage disposal and cleaning products. Getty Images