Man's Hilarious Copy of Neighbor's Christmas Wreath Wins Internet: 'This Is So Funny'

A Christmas prankster has paid a unique tribute to his neighbor's festive wreath in a gesture one fan has dubbed "the cutest and funniest neighborly act ever."

It was Oscar Wilde who once famously wrote: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness."

One man certainly appears to have taken that particular sentiment to heart this holiday season, if a TikTok video posted online by hannahgteague is anything to go by.

The clip can be viewed here.


I put the wreath out last night and he already had this up this morning 😂

♬ original sound - Hannah

Eager to get into the festive spirit, Hannah decided to hang a Christmas wreath on the front door of her apartment earlier this week.

It was only when she stepped out the next morning that she noticed her neighbor had decided to copy her, quite literally.

As the video shows, however, rather than go shopping for an identical wreath, he hit upon the idea of simply taking a picture of hers, printing it off and hanging the resulting image on his door instead.

An ingenious if slightly bizarre attempt at getting in on the holiday vibes, the unnamed neighbor's efforts did not go unnoticed.

At the time of writing, Hannah's video comparing the two "wreaths" has racked up more than 10 million views with fans quick to praise the man's hilariously inventive alternative.

"OMFG your neighbor must be hilarious," designdujour wrote.

Steffhdz17 was caught completely off guard by the surreal effort, writing: "Me thinking neighbor probably went out and bought the same one but this is even better." Mle_m, meanwhile, urged Hannah to "go buy your neighbor that wreath this is so funny."

Ayoo Benadrill declared it "simultaneously the cutest and funniest neighborly act ever," while schtinkyboi encouraged Hannah to "take of photo of their photo of your wreath and put it on your door."

Others were simply blown away by the simple brilliance of it all.

"Work smarter not harder," moonlitdivination quipped with eliz.krk agreeing that the picture was an example of: "minimal effort maximum joy."

In a follow-up video, hannahgteague showed how she decided to play along by setting up a Christmas card postbox outside his door.


Reply to @arbys neighbor passed the vibe check. Whats our next move??

♬ original sound - Hannah

To her surprise, he replied in kind by sticking up a picture of the same postbox outside her door. Something suggests this is far from over.

Newsweek has contacted hannahgteague for comment.

At least some people appear to be getting in the spirit of the holidays. It was a different story at another residence, which ended up going viral after a UPS driver called out the homeowners over their lack of decorations.

Meanwhile, one person definitely getting in the mood for Christmas is this woman who had come up with a neat trick for making your house smell suitably festive.

A Christmas wreath on a door.
Stock image of a Christmas wreath - one man's bizarre tribute to his neighbor's festive wreath has gone viral. Vitalii Petrushenko/Getty