Woman Shares 'Wonderful' Trick to Make House 'Smell Like Christmas'

Christmas is fast approaching, which means it is high time we set about decorating our homes.

When you deck the halls for the holidays do you make sure they smell festive too?

If not, then one woman on TikTok has shared her clever method for ensuring that your home smells Christmassy, and it is so easy to follow.

Posting her hack to the app on November 27, Shannon Doherty, a mother of four known on the app as @athomewithshannon wrote the caption: "Make your House Smell Like CHRISTMAS!"

She then added: "Follow along for more HOLIDAY Ideas![Christmas tree emoji] #familyfun #easyrecipe #holidaytiktok."

But what exactly does the clever hack entail?

Well, the video begins with Doherty standing in her kitchen wearing a red sweater and a pearl-covered headband.

She is next to her young daughter who is sporting festive headgear complete with shiny baubles.

Text overlaying the footage, which can be watched here, reads: "How to make your house smell like CHRISTMAS."

The camera then cuts to the mom-of-four pouring water in a glass pot, then filling it with cranberries, slices of orange and then a handful of cinnamon sticks.


Make your House Smell Like CHRISTMAS! Follow along for more HOLIDAY Ideas!🎄 #familyfun #easyrecipe #holidaytiktok

♬ Holly Jolly Christmas - Michael Bublé

She then adds a few cloves and some sprigs of rosemary before putting a lid on the pot.

The final scene then shows the mother taking the lid off to take a whiff of the undoubtedly festive aroma.

Since the video was shared, it has gained more than 56,000 views and nearly 4,000 likes.

Additionally, many people have rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the natural and easy-to-follow hack.

One TikTok user, Wimberley, wrote: "I have two bags of cranberries. Guess what I'm about to make? Thanks for sharing!"

Another person, Dolly, asked: Do you have to boil it? If so, for how long?"

To this, Doherty responded: "Just let it simmer!!"

User121018772307 added: "That looks like it would smell so good."

Ypfallon gushed: "That looks like it would smell so good."

FullDadBod stated: "Yum!! Def doing this!"

User2318808268339 commented: "Oh so wonderful! I am doing this!"

Wedraw Eggy Robot typed: "Looks good."

This isn't the only useful hack that Doherty has shared to TikTok.

The social media star has over 30.3 million likes, and her account is brimming with tips and tricks on how to make parenting and household chores a bit easier.

The U.S.-based star recently posted her trick for peeling potatoes as, apparently, we've all been doing this wrong our entire life.

She also shared a way to organize your kitchen cupboards using just some tape and a baking sheet.

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A stock image of a woman in front of a Christmas tree with a cup of hot drink. On TikTok one mom has shared her hack for making your home smell festive. iStock