Video of Client Refusing Service From Female Staff at Car Dealership Sparks Outrage

A video showing the sexist interaction between car dealership staff and a customer has gone viral, after the woman out-right refused to speak to female workers over their gender.

"When a Karen calls and we are all female service writers," Rachel captioned the TikTok video, which has since gained over 1.7 million views.

After greeting the customer and introducing herself, the woman swiftly requested to speak to a male member of staff instead, ordering: "Autumn, I didn't ask for a female, I'd like to talk to a male. My opinion is females don't belong in the service department, they go behind the scenes, doing the paperwork."

The department, according to the video, is run by a female service director who works over two dealerships and has over 25 years of experience. "There's not a male in our service department," Autumn informed the customer.

In response, the woman demanded to speak to a male member of staff named Mike Ashford instead, despite him working in sales, inducing a prompt call back later.

"I need to make an appointment for Saturday morning, eight o'clock," she said. "I just hope there are no females on the desk when I get there."

"There will be," promised an out-of-frame worker. "There's no males in our service department mam," confirmed Autumn.

"Oh my god, that is totally messed up," responded the customer, adding that she needed an oil change. "There better be a male mechanic that I can talk to."

The customer continued to share an anecdote of her latest visit to the dealership, in which she claimed to have waited an hour for a five minute job and had to "track down a male" to get her car. In the video, however, on-screen text explained that the wait was simply due to having just one mechanic working due to COVID-19 restrictions, meaning appointments were running behind.

"As long as there is a male in the shop to change my oil, that will be fine," said the customer. "I do not want a female working on my car."

The video can also be seen in full here.

According to Rachel who posted the video, the owner "fired her as a customer" upon seeing the clip. "In his dealerships he has three female managers and eight service workers. Females in our dealerships are treated with equal opportunities."

After gaining over 180,000 likes, many were left in shock at the blatant sexism displayed by the customer, especially considering she is a woman herself.

"I would have said sorry mam but this isn't 1950 anymore," commented one user.

"You should have told her that her husband needs to call to schedule the appointment to make sure it's the right service being requested," joked another.

"I was a female mechanic for years before I had my daughter. I was never disrespected more in my life by men and women. And I was one of the only certified techs in the shop. It was just customers of all ages. I would have people stand at the end of my bay watching me the whole time. It made me so uncomfortable. I never ever had an issue with any male co-workers thankfully. I had nothing but respect for them. I even taught a few of them things," recounted another TikTok user.

The issue of sexism in the auto-motor repair industry is an ever present one, and this video isn't the only time TikTok has served to bring it to light. Last month, a Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) qualified automotive technician went viral online after sharing criticism received from a colleague.

"You don't belong here," he told her in the clip. "You don't belong the mechanic world."

Despite women making up over half of drivers in the United States, they make up just one percent of automotive body and related repairers and 1.4 percent of automotive service technicians and mechanics, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

According to a 2017 survey of almost 900 women in the automotive repair industry, 68 percent have been told they're "too aggressive," 62 percent have been accused of being "too bossy," and 61 percent have been told they were "too emotional."